Couch Controversy in the White House


Photo Courtesy of NBC News

Kellyanne Conway is sitting improperly on the couch while taking a photo of the important educators and the president.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

The internet raged over the malicious act of Kellyanne Conway and her disrespectful behavior in the White House. Before a meeting with leaders from the nation’s historically black colleges and universities along with administration officials, President Trump had gathered to greet the chancellors and presidents in the Oval Office. During this scene, Kellyanne Conway, whom is the advisor to the president, was formally asked to capture photos of him meeting the educators. However, instead of standing up and taking the photo like a normal person, she remained slouching in her seat with her feet on the couch as well. This sparked controversy amongst the millennials, especially on social media.

Since the incident, she has been trying to clear herself up and has made excuses about how she was asked to “take a picture in a crowded room with the press behind us” (Washington Post). She also proceeded to explain that she did not mean to put her feet up on the couch. By piling up excuses upon excuses, she is making the situation worse for herself. Conway tries to counter the hate coming at her by bringing up unrelated topics. She constantly diverts away from the problem she caused.

Most find her act disrespectful as they reacted to this by saying how she does not take her job seriously due to her actions.  Cheryl Pham (10) admits that “no matter what rank she has, she still should not act like the Oval Office is her very own living room.” Here is a tweet from a fellow social media user joking about Conway’s position:

Furthermore, this is a prime example of the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” In addition, some social media users took this as a racist offense, but it most likely was not.

Of course, others asked, “Why would she have her feet on the couch in the first place?” This is not even the proper everyday manners to have, especially in the White House with these important guests from colleges. This unethical behavior is being reflected upon White House officials. They are making themselves look bad by allowing this type of attitude. Surely, it is common sense to show everyone respect, no matter where one is or who one meets.

To conclude, the disrespectful act of Kellyanne Conway causes a domino effect showing people that behavior like this is acceptable. When in fact, people should practice the opposite and have the proper manner.