An Upcoming Season of Bates Motel?


Photo Courtesy of Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC

A screencap of season 5 featuring Rihanna as Marion Crane and Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

The classic 1960 film Psycho is beloved by many; however, the television series, Bates Motel, explores the earlier years of Norman Bates and his life before those particularly infamous events. Many viewers have already been in love with the show Bates Motel having its talented cast and captivating backstory. Unlike the movie Psycho, people see a more deeper insight on Norman and his mother, Norma Bates’ relationship.

(If you have not seen the show, do not go past this point!! SPOILERS AHEAD)

After season four of Bates Motel’s conclusion in May 2016, season five has finally wiggled its way into the new year. Along with a special appearance by Rihanna, playing a part as the unlucky guest, Marion Crane, the show will become even more interesting by the minute. This upcoming season will have an even more of a similar feel to the movie. All of the scenes will eventually connect with Psycho more than the previous seasons did. Featured in the storyline, Norman and Norma Bates’ relationship is “even more complicated than ever” (Entertainment). Although, Norma is dead, of course. Holley Fields (10) admits that “Norman’s mental health is going to completely deteriorate and I am excited to see how his relationship with his mother will affect the events of the show.” By now, it is suspected that the audience is still trying to absorb Norman’s murder of his own mother.

Along with Norman’s already quite severe mental issue, his illness just gets worse and even more psychotic from there. He becomes a full on psychopath, thinking his mother is really there and/or haunting him, when she really is dead because he killed her. Life will become more challenging with his life as he tries to differentiate and deal with his (dead) mother living in his head and life in the real world, outside of his home. There is a new way in which viewers will find out about Norman and Norma’s mental interaction and that sparks everyone’s interest. How will they input that in the story? Will it be exactly like the movie or will there be minor/major tweaks throughout?  These questions definitely will be answered in the fifth season to come.

Given a few hints at episodes through teasers and screencaps spread around online, there is one particular scene that is mimicked in the series. In this scene, Norman is seen putting on a blonde wig and a dress to seemingly represent his insightfully twisted mother. This is a major connection to Psycho. Other than that, some previous, major characters are going nowhere, they will reappear in this season as this takes place a couple of years after season four.

Besides all the few hints given out from the executive producer and cast, some answers were kept a secret until most the final season is officially out. To find out more, watch season 5 of Bates Motel, which was released February 20, 2017.