President Trump’s Immigration Policies

The United States – Mexico Border Wall

President Trump signing executive orders

Chicago Tribune

President Trump signing executive orders

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

Since Donald Trump became President he has begun pursuing many of the immigration policies he promised during his campaign.


According to Washington Post, regarding the border to our south, President Trump signed off on two executive orders last month. These two executive actions are aimed to prevent immigrants from entering the United States from Mexico, and to deport those that are currently residing in the United States illegally. Mainly, the orders call for the wall along Mexico, and to cut off funding to sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are cities that do not report undocumented immigrants to the federal government.


President and his supporters say that the wall will keep immigrants from entering the US, while critics are saying that a physical wall is ineffective and will cost taxpayer money. Business Insider estimates that the wall will cost about 25 billion dollars.


As for immigration from middle eastern regions, President Trump signed an executive order at the end of January that halts all refugees, travelers, and immigrants from seven Muslim majority nations (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen) entering the US. Refugees are prohibited to enter the country for 120 days, while immigrants and travelers are prohibited to enter for 90 days. This extremely controversial decision has elicited both praises and anger.


Critics are calling it a Muslim ban, meaning that the order is specifically and unfairly targeting towards Muslims. President Trump and his supporters are saying it is more of a travel ban because it bars people of any religion from entering the states through the specified nations.


Supporters say that the ban will prevent terrorist attacks and bolster national security. Critics argue that the ban is unconstitutional and doesn’t properly address nations that are actually sponsoring terrorist attacks, like Saudi Arabia or Syria. National security experts also criticize the policy for alienating allies, like Iraq of the United States (Washington Post). According to USA today, in response to President Trump’s new immigration policies regarding middle eastern region, protesters have flooded the U.S. and international airports.


Also, a judge in Seattle temporarily suspended enforcement of the travel ban, according to Washington Post. After some legal dispute, the travel ban was still rejected. However, according to USA today, Trump is preparing to issue a new travel ban.


President Trump’s actions on immigration has caused massive controversies. Some argue a narrative of national security, while others argue that these immigration policies violate the constitution.