AP Season


Photo provided by the College Board: May is quickly approaching! Students must purchase their AP exams by March 17th.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

Attention Mustangs! May is soon approaching. It is AP season and these AP Tests can be purchased at the Yorba Linda High School’s Activity office through March 17th at 3pm or online through the YLHS Webstore which can be found at ylhs.org.


Every year, a countless number of Yorba Linda High School’s finest students enroll in an Advanced Placement course (or often times numerous courses). These students often time work diligently, not only the entire school year, but also during summer after attending AP night in which the teachers simply assign homework. These students hardly miss school, always stay up late, and refuse to give up during these challenging courses; now is their time to shine with these Advanced Placement exams.


Currently, Yorba Linda High School is proud to offer twenty-one various AP courses. These courses touch base in all subjects ranging from mathematics, sciences, languages, and art. AP courses include a college level curriculum but are taken during high school. Many students are intrigued by these courses because of the challenge they present and their ability to help prepare them for college. When asked about AP courses, Elwyn Cruz (12) replied with “I have struggled through twelve Advanced Placement classes. Each one of the classes I have taken has taught me something different, which is one reason why I enjoy taking them so much. During these classes, I feel pushed by my teachers and classmates to think deeply about various subjects in order to expand my knowledge. I truly believe the skills and study habits I learn here will transfer with me to college and beyond.”


The most intriguing aspect for many of the students to enroll in these courses is the fact they they have the chance to earn college credit. Since these are college level classes, many universities offer credit for the classes students take in high school. However, this credit can only be earned through AP tests. AP tests have the ability to show colleges and universities how well a student has mastered the material. Colleges thus will award students with credit, granting them the ability to make other courses they find more intriguing or finish college at a quicker rate.
AP testing begins May 1st and continue until May 12th. However, purchase your AP exams today before it is too late! Each exam is $93. After March 17th, students will no longer be able to purchase these tests.