Welcome to Mustang Fields

Rachel Seo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The much-anticipated new park Mustang Fields opened on Friday, February 3rd, to much clamor. Despite a steady drizzle that threatened to ruin the grand opening, the ceremony went on without a hitch, the appearances by city council members, school district representatives, third-graders from Fairmont Elementary School, and other prominent figures in the local community. YLHS was represented by band, guard, and cheer, along with ASB and the football team, which was honored for its CIF championship during the ceremony.


Attendees began arriving around 9:20 am, and were promptly greeted by the full ASB class, who cheered and high-fived them as they arrived. Members of the city government and the school board, along with a third-grade class from Fairmont Elementary, were among those invited. Red and white balloons lined the walkway; despite the gloom, the atmosphere crackled with excitement. The opening of Mustang Fields marks one of several growth and expansion projects that the city of Yorba Linda will undertake in the upcoming years. Also in the works are a new public library, tentatively scheduled for opening in 2019 or 2020, and the new community Town Center, which will feature business like Blaze Pizza and Creamistry.


The ceremony began with a rousing rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” performed by the jazz band from YLHS, and the pledge of allegiance, led by third-graders from Fairmont. Speeches made by recently instated superintendent Dr. Greg Plutko and Yorba Linda mayor Peggy Huang followed, despite the drizzle that threatened to ruin the ceremony.


Mayor Huang also recognized the football team, which received its first CIF championship this past football team. The football team was also presented with certificates from the offices of congressman Ed Royce, assemblyman Phillip Chen, and senator John Newman.


The ceremony finished the third-graders’ performance of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Though the weather was stormy, the ceremony ran smoothly, to the surprise of many, including Ms. Jauch (Staff). “I thought that the ceremony was lovely, despite the rain. I was actually surprised that it went as well as it did,” she said.


According to Mayor Peggy Huang, the name Mustang Fields was ultimately chosen to reflect the equestrian heritage of Yorba Linda. The park sits on 9.4 acres—2.6 of which are turf—and 320 trees. It will be used to house some of the East Hills Yorba Linda Little League games; the fields at Travis Ranch will still be in operation as well.


The process of creating Mustang Fields is most notable for collaborative efforts between the city and the school. According to Ms. Jauch, neither the city nor the school was able to completely pay for the park, ultimately leading to the joint involvement. For many, it’s a symbol of union: though Mustang Fields is separate from Yorba Linda High School, the park itself is directly adjacent to its school, and holds its mascot for its namesake. It’s a reminder that Yorba Linda is a place for fostering community, in which everyone–from city council member to Parks and Recreation volunteer to school district superintendent–works to make Yorba Linda a place to create a healthy, interactive living environment.