Student Spotlight: Tyler Padgett


Disneyland. Photo credit- Tyler Padgett

Grace Kim, Photojournalist

Matshona Dhliwayo, a Canadian philosopher and author, once wrote “a star does not compete with other stars around it; it just shines.” Yorba Linda High School is the home to many talented individuals and being able to shine amongst the many students can be hard to achieve. Still, there is a certain student, that stands out not only because of his academic and extracurricular, but also because of his personality.

Tyler Padgett is currently the sophomore vice president of ASB. As well as representing the sophomore class, he plans dances, rallies, and other activities that the students of YLHS can enjoy. Tyler will continue his contribution in ASB and our school for next year. He is also a competitive student when it comes to academics. Tyler is enrolled in several Honors and AP classes including AP Euro, and Pre-Calculus Honors. Out of all the school curriculums, Tyler’s favorite subject is history. He is especially interested on how the world came to be and the past actions of humankind. Truly, Tyler is a hardworking individual seen in his packed schedule of balancing academics and extracurricular. On Tyler’s free time, he likes to code and work on personal web-design projects. Tyler Padgett (10) even quotes “I like coding and I want to be proficient in coding.” When asked about his short term and long term goals, each included his passion for code and web-designing. He replied “a short term goal of mine is to keep up my grades while still having free time to code and work on projects. A long term goal of mine is to get a job in some sort of computer science field.” But out of all these characteristics, Tyler Padgett shines the brightest because of his personality. One probably can find him smiling or laughing and always telling jokes. He is always fun to be around and or talk too.  Athena Kieu (10) who has known Tyler for eight years, describes him as “unique because he is able to help other people without hesitation.” She also describes him as a “friend that you can joke with and not have to worry about hurting their feelings.” Though there are many overachieving and unique students at YLHS, Tyler Padgett has been known to stand out because of his contributions, academic skills, and personality.