Senioritis Sweeps Through YL

photo courtesy of The Odyssey Online

photo courtesy of The Odyssey Online

Lily Rajaee, Editor

It is officially the second semester of the school year, more than half way done with all classes. For the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, this is the time that their workload doubles, forcing them to work even more diligently than before. While seniors also have the increase in workload in most of there classes, it seems as though there is something holding them back. There can only be one explanation to explain the laziness that current seniors are experiencing: Senioritis.


What is Senioritis? While not in the traditional dictionary, Senioritis has been identified by modern pop culture as the condition in which seniors suddenly lose the desire to be productive, work, or even get up in the morning. These symptoms of laziness are often times followed by signs of extreme procrastination and withdrawal from normal activity.


Every year the juniors find themselves thinking, “I already have senioritis.” However, one does not truly experience the severity of the symptoms of the condition until he or she has entered the second semester. Bradley Mont (12) noted how “naps have become a very important part of my schedule.” Yes, the need to relax and rest are also symptoms of the condition. Even though there are many students that try their very best to not catch Senioritis, it is virtually not possible to avoid. Every senior is affected by Senioritis, even if it is in the smaller degree.


Are there any cures? Sadly, nobody has been able to find a cure to Senioritis yet. Year after year, students are forced to endure the condition and find a way to personally cope with their laziness. Perhaps it has to due with the fact that most students believe their second semester grades don’t matter. Most students have already been accepted to colleges by the beginning of the second semester. Therefore, seniors often times lose the motivation necessary to keep on top of their homework, an idea that leads directly to procrastination on everything. The only “cure” to this state of Senioritis is graduating. Until then, Mustangs must work extra hard in order to be able to do well in their classes while dealing with this inevitable condition.


The senior class of 2017 has done a great job so far, trying to fight the affects of senioritis. Until June, the only thing Mustangs can do it is try to retain all their energy and make sure they can finish off their high school experience with the same success that they started with.