May the Force Be With You, Carrie Fisher

Kathleen Toblesky, Photo Journalist

On December 27, Carrie Fisher died due to heart failure at the age of 60. According to USA Today, the direct cause of her death is unknown; however, it is suspected by her doctors that it was either a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.


Carrie Fisher had been in the hospital after suffering a medical emergency onboard a flight from London to LAX on Friday, December 23, according to US Magazine.


During this time, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was worried over the possible loss of her daughter and stayed attentive to Carrie’s health while in the hospital. However, now devastated by her death, Debbie died the very next day at the age of 84.


Many believe that Reynold’s death is due to broken heart syndrome at the loss of her daughter. As the name implies, broken heart syndrome occurs when a person literally dies from a broken heart. The heart contains strings with helps with the body’s blood flow. When a person suffers from an emotional trauma, the heart tightens, pulling on the heartstrings and often causes them to break, according to MayoClinic. This disrupts the proper blood flow and kills the person.


“The world has lost an inspiring and radiant person with her passing,” stated Jordan Tatreu (10). “A witty champion for mental health and self-pride, Carrie Fisher was truly the best of us all. May we all treasure her memory.”


Carrie Fisher was mainly known for her part in the Star Wars series as Princess Leia. She has been an active role in the first three episodes as well as the newest movie in the series: The Force Awakens as the mother of Kylo Ren. There is a plan to make two more movies to complete the trilogy tradition; however, making these movies will prove difficult without the role of Leia.


According to The Guardian, Colin Trevorrow, the writer/ director of Episode IX, will be meeting with Kathleen Kennedy, the executive producer, to discuss the necessary changes to the script of the movies. Depending on the adjustments made, they may need to fix the conclusion of Episode XIII.


“The day Carrie Fisher died was devastating, for not only her family, but [for] her fans; she was casted as a fictional book character and evidently she brought the character to life,” said Nicole Gutierrez (10).


Due to the fact that Carrie does not have a Hollywood Star of her own, fans have decided to do the honors of giving her an unofficial one in front of Hollywood Boulevard’s historic Chinese Theatre, according to USA Today. The star is decorated with candles, flowers, and paste-on letters, spelling out her name and the heartwarming phrase, “May the force be with you, always.”