Student Spotlight: Natalie Suvarnasuddhi


Photographer: Darren Lee

Natalie poses with Mr. Garcia (Staff).

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Natalie Suvarnasuddhi (9) is a YLHS student that goes above and beyond the expectations. She is kind, compassionate, smart, talented, a leader, and much more. Involved in marching band, jazz band, We Club, and Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, Natalie is a talented, well-rounded student. Moreover, Natalie is the assistant drum major for the YLHS marching band.


Starting out at a young age, Natalie first played the saxophone at age ten. Natalie joined her first band in fifth grade at Bryant Ranch Elementary School. She joined band because “of a fifth grade assembly that showcased the music program and their instruments. I remember seeing a shiny curved thing with tons of buttons that had a sound that captivated me, and I told myself, that one. I want to play that.”


Later at Travis Ranch Middle School, she joined band and jazz band where she blossomed as a saxophonist. Moving on from middle school, Natalie auditioned for the YLHS Jazz Band I and was accepted.

Many years of band experience have paid off as she is the assistant drum major for the YLHS marching band as a freshman. Natalie was recently featured in the Tournament of  Roses band during the Rose Parade and was seen marching on national television.


When asked what her greatest challenge was in band, Natalie expresses, “my greatest challenge in band is to be as strong musically or near as strong as the top players as a freshman. This was a challenge because of the lack of experience and knowledge I had compared to the present members who have been involved for a couple years. I just had to adjust to such a prestige level in a matter of a couple months.”


Apart from band, Natalie is enrolled in honors classes and is involved in We Club and Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. She shows that you can be heavily involved in the arts, but still can make an effort to get exceptional grades and to be a leader in our community. Natalie is a student who represents YLHS art programs and extracurriculars.


Natalie loves being in band with her friends who have become like her family. She is one of the reasons why they were lead to SoCal Band Champs. Her favorite thing about being in band is “the bond everyone has with each other, making band one big family.”


Being a role model for all students, Natalie is known for her talent in band and in the community. Natalie’s true love for the arts is what makes her stand out brighter than most students.

Natalie Suvarnasuddhi is a YLHS student that is hard working, talented, kind to everyone, smart, and so much more.