Politics of 2016

Important and Influential Events

Donald Trump
Photo courtesy of CNBC

Donald Trump Photo courtesy of CNBC

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

2016 was a year full of important political events that have great influence on a domestic and international level.

The Presidential Election

Throughout the democratic process of electing the next leader, many issues surfaced. For example, the DNC was hacked, and Russia is suspected to be the culprit behind the cyber attacks. President Obama placed further sanctions on Russia for their interference within the election (New York Times). Fake news ran rampant on social media sites like facebook and twitter, exploiting the gullibility of some American voters. In the end, despite most polls predicting otherwise, Donald Trump won. However, Hillary Clinton did win by popular vote, which has caused many in America to reconsider the merit of electoral colleges. Regarding Trump’s victory, Ryan Le (11),

“didn’t expect Trump to win because he was less politically affiliated.”


British Exit

The British Exit, or commonly known as “Brexit”, is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. A referendum was held to decide on the continuation of the UK in the EU. Withdrawal won by 52%. Scotland and Ireland supported staying in the EU. After the referendum, David Cameron stepped down as prime minister, and Theresa May took up the job.  Following the secession, the British economy plummeted for a while. Their currency fell to $1.33, the lowest in approximately 30 years. The euro also felt the repercussions.

North Dakota Access Pipeline

The pipeline is a long oil pipeline that runs through 4 states. A Native American Tribe residing near the route said the pipeline threatened sacred grounds and could potentially contaminate their drinking supply. After protests from the Native American Tribe and other supporters and legal dispute, the government revoked their efforts.

Justice Scalia

Antonin Scalia is a supreme court judge that died. After his death there was a dispute between the GOP and the DNC concerning who to fill the open seat. President Obama had his own nomination; however, the GOP senate said President Elect Trump should have the choice. Now, it is up to the future president to fill the open spot.

Police Brutality

Four black men, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, and Keith Lamont Scott, died at the hands of local enforcement. In the case of the four dead men, the necessity of the excessive force was heavily debated upon. Peaceful protests, as well as riots, have erupted across america, led by organizations like Black Lives Matter. In retaliation to the deaths, 5 officers were killed in Dallas, Texas, and 3 in Baton Rouge of Louisiana.