Kathleen Toblesky, Photo Journalist

Everyone loves a good laugh; and the members of ComedySportz devote themselves to making the audience have a good time while dying of laughter. Normally, these masters of humor and improv hold matches against their fellow students within the activity. But on this particular night, they are taking on some bigger fish: the teachers and staff of Yorba Linda!

ComedySportz is an activity where two teams of four compete against each other with various games made to make the audience laugh. Many of these games are improv acts that are inspired by an audience member’s suggestion. A game is chosen by a team and the referee will pick an audience member to decide on the required item for the game. There are two hour-long parts to the match with a short break in between. After the first round, the team members switch and hold new members to compete.

As for the ComedySportz at YL, there is a red team and a blue team. The red team was made up of students and the blue team was made up of the teachers, mostly from the Language Arts department.

“I like making the audience laugh and making a fool of myself,” said Seven Gutierrez (10), a member of ComedySportz.

Seven participated in the second round of the Teacher versus Students match. Her favorite part of the match was the game “Town Meeting.” In this game, the ref chooses a random audience member who then chooses a random topic. As for this game, the topic chosen is milk. All four members of both teams choose a side of the argument: “Should we keep or get rid of milk in this town?” The red team argued for milk and the blue argues against. Both teams do so while acting as members of a farm town.

Most of the students participating, were looking forward to playing against the teachers. Because of the nature of this activity, they were also looking forward to being able to talk back to the teachers without getting in trouble.

The first round ended with the students in the lead, but the teachers were following close behind them. After the second round ends, the audience waited in anticipation for reveal of the score; it ends in a tie of twenty-two points for each team.

The referee called a tie-breaker round of the rhyming game: a match between one member of each team against each other. The rules were simple: the referee calls out a word and the participants must say a rhyming word back and forth until one cannot find a word or if they repeat a word. Unfortunately for the teachers, their participant repeated the original word, giving victory to the students.