Upcoming Men’s Soccer Season and Big Bear Recap

Above is the logo in which Men's Soccer prides themselves on. The tradition of this patch has been ongoing for many years.


Above is the logo in which Men’s Soccer prides themselves on. The tradition of this patch has been ongoing for many years.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

Approaching the beginning of the 2016-2017 Yorba Linda Men’s Soccer season, many upcoming preparations are beginning to be made. All the coaches in the program including Varsity head coaches: Kino Oaxaca and Alex Flor, Junior Varsity coach: Jose Aldama, and Frosh Soph coach: Rigo Flores have prepared an itinerary for the varsity squad to follow on their journey to Big Bear. This trip up the mountain allows for the team as whole to come together and develop strong friendships that will last a lifetime. Michael Nugent (11), a first year Varsity player, stated, “It was a great learning experience with the team, while hiking and jumping [over rocks and walls], we developed great friendships.”

However, brutal conditioning and training are also key components that are vital while in Big Bear. Beau Koren (11) is a first year player in the program and is the captain for the Junior Varsity team; he stated, “ My experience in Big Bear was really good and fulfilling. We ran a total of twenty-eight miles in two days and it was a great way to condition for the season. We also did a lot of team bonding activities, such as hikes and capture the flag.” Not only did the Varsity team come closer as a family, but two JV and Frosh soph players’ received the experience of seeing what it is like to be apart of the coveted Men’s Soccer Program.

Ryan Kassab (12) believes that “Big Bear was a successful experience” and that through the act of going on the trip, “It has allowed for the entire team to come together as brothers and become a better team.” With preseason in full swing and the regular season around the corner, the activities that were performed on the trip have allowed for the Men’s team to start off to a 2-0-0 start.

Hiking and jumping over logs, running up and down the brutal mountains, and sprinting in dirt and mud, have only contributed to the health and prosperity that Men’s soccer hopes to achieve this year. According to the entire Varsity Team, the main goal for this season is to once again beat Esperanza, win league, and to make it farther than the third round in CIF Finals. With this big goal in mind, the preparations made by the squad and the coaches may just give them enough of a boost to excel the entire team to the top level. In division three now, the team next year hopes to at least improve to Division two, or best case, Division one.