Dance Company Spotlight

The logo that is printed on one of Dance Company shirts that you can buy.

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The logo that is printed on one of Dance Company shirts that you can buy.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

A variety of students on the Yorba Linda Campus have heard of the basketball team, the football team, the soccer team, etc but how about people discuss about this school’s dance team? Dance Company, the YLHS dance team, expresses impressive skills that are as equal to all other sports teams, so students should appreciate them more and recognize the talent they share.

Dance Company is an exceptional group of young women who are highly capable of dancing in any genre of dance such as hip hop, contemporary, jazz, etc. Surely, Dance Company is preparing for a new dance to perform in front of all students and staff members to enjoy. They have prepared for special events such as rallies for football games and dances, a

Recently, Dance Company had visited Fullerton College and were able to experience the dance program at the school. Once they arrived, the students on our school’s dance team were able to take master classes there. This was an “unforgettable experience” according to Macy Schrieber (10), she adds, “I was happy to be able to participate in this event and take master classes that would really show me what to come in the future, I really do hope the others got inspired.” At this event, the members of Dance Company not only took classes that would help lead them in the future, but they also were able to meet other students from other schools and make friends. As well as meeting students of similar hobbies, they were able to meet college students who want to take a career in dancing for their lives.

Aside from Dance Company’s recent traveling around to exciting experiences, they have their Winter Dance Show coming up in January. This includes many solos and personal choreography from students for parents, students, teachers, and other family members. By showing their choreography skills in this dance show, the team displays the true talent and creativity that comes to a dancer’s mind. The Winter Dance Show will be held on January thirteenth and fourteenth, and hopefully every person that comes to the show will come out feeling astonished.