iOS 10

The Biggest Release Yet


Photo courtesy of I4U News

Janet Han, Photojournalist

It’s finally out – the biggest update in the Apple mobile software so far, iOS 10. And the verdict? Either love or hate, everyone has strong feelings about this newest innovation. From revamped emojis to a whole new lock screen system, it’s not hard to see that Apple has decided to take some risks.


Of course, most veteran Apple users can probably spend at least a few minutes ranting about the change in emojis. It’s hard to find fans of the new versions, especially since the well-known, classic emojis are hard to part with. Stephen Serrano (9), says that

“iOS 10 is pretty cool, but the only downside is the different-looking emojis.”

A common complaint, of course, is just how large the emojis are – seriously, why must we put four in a row to make them a normal size? But some of us can appreciate the new variety of emojis involving people, especially all the different jobs, hairstyles, sports, and families.


On the flip side, the new features of iMessage are pretty fun to play around with, at least for most people. Invisible ink messages, a gif keyboard, stickers, and so many more features have been added to really take texting up a notch. While figuring out the new additions may be confusing at first, it’s not hard to look towards a future where we can’t remember a time when we couldn’t write out messages with our fingers.


Another bit of nostalgia that Apple users are feeling is, of course, is for the “swipe to unlock” screen. I just can’t count how many times I’ve swiped to unlock my phone with the update, only to be greeted with the time and date instead of my home screen. Instead, iOS 10 requires that users press the home button before typing in their password. Most of the opinions on this new detail seem to be pretty negative; after all, it is hard to adjust to doing something new just to unlock your phone.


Finally, as most music lovers have probably noticed, the Music application has gotten a total makeover. The font has grown to a rather ridiculously large size, as have the buttons used to play, pause, and change the volume. It’s hard to say the new interface is winning users’ hearts, but it’s certainly a change.
Overall, iOS 10 has changed a lot, some of the changes positive and some of the changes negative. A number of Apple users are holding off on even downloading the update at all, like Gabby McCutchan (9), who says

“the emojis look too much like Samsung emojis, sending gifs and drawings on iMessage is weird, and the new notification bar is ugly.”

Others, like Rachel Verpooten (9), is thrilled to see the changed, saying that

“it’s the greatest update I have experienced.”