Welcome Back, Mustangs!

photos courtesy of ylhs.org

photos courtesy of ylhs.org

Saturday, September 10th, marked the day students have been waiting for; Saturday night was the Welcome Back Dance! For many this dance was simply another year of fun and memories; however, for some this was the first high school dance they have ever attended. Either way, Mustangs had a blast while they danced the night away.


The Welcome Back Dance kicks off the new school year by encouraging students to dress up and simply celebrate being with their friends again at school. Each group is encouraged to dress up as different characters, making the dance even more exciting to go to. The moment you walked onto the campus, you could see the wide variety of unique costumes. From boxers, to grandmas, to vampires, and lifeguards, each costume offered a flavor of diversity to the dance floor.


There was also two photo booth stations, where students could take cute pictures with their groups and savor the memory of the special night. With unlimited pictures per person, students could take multitudes of photos until they grew tired. And of course the most important part of the dance is the dance floor itself. The DJ was able to successfully keep everyone entertained with a wide variety of songs and genres on his playlist. Around the DJ were lights the shot out into the sky and over the crowd. They definitely set the mood and made the area look inviting.


For the Seniors this dance was extra special because it marked their very last Welcome Back Dance. Seniors made sure to cherish every moment and enjoy everything the night had to offer. Sidney Tran (12) noted how she “had a great time at the dance.” When asked about how she felt about it being the last Welcome Back Dance for her, she said, “It’s different being the older ones at the dance. It’s good to see all the Seniors coming together.”

Surely, all the students had fun last night and were able to let loose before all the rigorous academics of the school year begins. It is important to keep the school spirit alive and pass on the traditions to the next generation of students. Hopefully, the Freshman learned that it is okay to be silly and make a fool of yourself because the only thing that matters is being able to say that you had fun. So take advantage of these opportunities and try to attend as many dances as you can this year!