CA Primary Update

CA Primary Update

Last Monday, Hillary Clinton was declared the presumptive democratic party nominee–making history as the first woman to be the nominee for president of a major political party. The one catch, however, was that a large portion of her votes come from superdelegates, who can change their mind until the date of the convention. Those who were #feelingthebern quickly responded with the fact that there was still the possibility that her superdelegates would come to the berning side.


However, after the last Super Tuesday, Clinton has taken the following states: California, New Mexico, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Sanders took North Dakota and Montana. However, the resulting delegate count has resulted in a wide gap.


After a quick google search of the delegate counts, it is simple math to find out that even if all 571 of Clinton’s superdelegates deserted and decided that they were feeling the bern, Sanders would STILL not have enough delegated to steal the nomination from Clinton. Clinton would end with approximately 2,204 and Sanders with 2,123.


Sanders has yet to make an announcement as to the future of his campaign; however, many staunch democrats hold strong convictions that he should suspend his campaign for the strength of the democratic party; it is extremely hard to win an election with a split party, let alone one that keeps Donald Trump out of the White House. Many on Sanders’ side, however, hold that he should maintain his campaign full force in case a miracle of some sorts was to happen at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).


At this point, the fate of the party is unknown; however, those members of the Sanders campaign have an important decision to make in the coming days over the fate of their own campaign. With Clinton as the front-runner, many predict that she may extend the offer of the Vice Presidency to Sanders, who has not closed the door to the possibility, according to Politico. They also state that it would work to “energize the base” and unite the differing factions of the Democratic party. Vanessa Le (12) states that she “hope[s] that Bernie is the candidate;” however, if he was to be Clinton’s running mate, she would be more likely to vote for her.


Also, unremarkably, Donald Trump won the latest Super Tuesday primaries, and, as everyone knows, has already become the presumptive Republican party nominee–an issue which is sending numerous republicans with strict party allegiance up in flames.