Democratic and Republican Rallies in California

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are back in the Golden State. Bernie Sanders, has been living here according to local reports earlier on before his speeches.  The former secretary of state begins a five-day swing through California on Thursday that she hopes will result in a victory that convinces Sanders and his supporters that it’s time to unite against Donald Trump. But Sanders shows no signs of going away. The Vermont senator, who has used a bus to the state, headlined over 27 rallies and forums last month, and is expected to have a jam packed schedule the week before Tuesday’s primary.

On one end of the spectrum, Clinton had planned to campaign this week in New Jersey ahead of that state’s Tuesday’s primary, but the campaign decided instead to fly to San Diego for a speech on foreign policy that will also go directly after Trump, as well as tout her own experience as secretary of state. California is home to one-fourth of the immigrant population in the United States, at around 10 million people, and also home to one-fourth of the 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the country.

Trump, Clinton, and Sanders all talked about their policies on immigration to the Californian people in which the people responded with a rise in votes for Clinton. Sanders responded with:  “I wonder why Secretary Clinton and her husband Bill are back in California,” Sanders sarcastically told reporters in Spreckels, California. “I thought we had lost it. It was all over but I guess Secretary Clinton maybe is looking at some polling would suggest otherwise.” But Sanders, with a win in California, hopes he will be able to turn the system to his advantage. Sanders and his aides have argued for weeks that a win in California will help the Vermont senator convince super delegates currently backing Clinton to support him instead.

At a local town hall in Los Angeles, Sanders promised to fight for all the immigrants in which are in need of help and support. Although all campaigns allowed for more delegates to make a decision on who they want as their nominee, Trump’s rally in Anaheim showed a lack of love between Trump supporters and the people of Anaheim. After Trump departed his rally, a small group of protesters remained in the area, ignoring orders by police to leave the area. One trash can was set on fire, some protesters threw rocks, and large throngs of police were trying to push the remaining demonstrators away from non trump supporters. Over the course of the day, seven adults and one juvenile were arrested. However, two fights broke out leaving one man bloodied from face to belly, and another with a broken nose. Cameron Carlson (9) witnessed the rally on screen, and by his words it was an un reassuring experience. “ I was absolutely speechless over the events that I saw take place at the Trump Rally in Anaheim. Still shocked on all the violence I witnessed.” Therefore, for the voters in California the republican and democratic nomination is still on the ropes.