Goodbye from a Senior’s Prospective


As I begin the last week of my high school career, I am faced with countless goodbyes to be made. In an effort to reflect on my past experiences, I would like to wish the staff and students of YLHS my sincerest goodbye and thanks for the memories. My last four years here have truly been some of the best–ones that I will treasure forever.

I don’t like endings, it’s that simple. All too often will I flip to the last few pages of a book just to see how it ends–just so that I can prepare. However, here I stand; I’m on my way out. This is farewell, adieu, auf wiedersehen. I’ve had Marissa tell me countless times that this is the end of one chapter of my story, not the whole book. However, looking back, I can’t help but feel that this is the finite end.

Now, we’re moving on to a whole new book. Despite our best efforts, starting a new book is always hard–think of how hard it is to get past the hump of the first thirty pages. However, once you get past the hump, you can’t put it down. This book is going to be amazing; it’s already awaiting its place in the literary canon.

It’s time to leave behind everything I’ve ever known. Goodbye to the California sun, which I’m almost positive has allowed me to photosynthesize, while at the same time possibly giving me a few melanoma spots. In-N-Out, you will be missed, I don’t know what I am going to do without you. Finally, and monumentally, goodbye avocados–from both California and Mexico; your quality is unsurpassed, and I can already feel the cool greyness that is life without you.

Goodbye to my mom, who has always known when I need to be hugged, even when I didn’t know it. She’s been my number one fan, my only unconditional supporter. She would do anything to ensure my happiness, for that I am forever grateful.

Goodbye to my dad, who would actually break his back for me, come hell or high water. He wants to give me the world, and he would go to any lengths to do so. No matter what, I know he will be there for me.

To my house, I bid thee farewell. The warm yellow walls have nourished my tangy attitude. The orange and brown of my room have reminded me that not everything is black and white. I don’t want to leave, but there are some things that just need to be done; I’ll see you soon.

Goodbye to Yorba Linda High School, and the people and experiences that have come with it. When I first walked through those unseemly gates, I was a different person. I had a completely different set of friends, self confidence ran low, and I was, quite frankly, a nerd. Walking out, I have refined myself and my tastes (trust me, I used to be a lot louder), and worked to ensure that I have my own best interest in mind. It might sound selfish, but in the wise, admittedly drunken, words of Dr. Andrea Bayden, played by Tina Fey, “happy people value their needs as much as otherses’.” Happiness is all I’ve wanted these last four years, and I have worked so hard to get it.

Thinking back, when Mr. Cadra introduced the querencia project Sophomore year, I was clueless. Frankly, that whole essay was me lying through my teeth. Now that I think about it, I’ve had my querencia in front of me all along–the privilege of being able to visit it every day. So, goodbye YLHS, the one place I can run through the Quad screaming, and nobody will think anything of it.

The foreign occupation of my life is now over, here’s to sovereignty. My whole life, I have had somebody else telling me what I can and can’t do–albeit, I usually don’t take people’s “advice.”  But, going onto the next chapter of my life, every decision, every purchase, is entirely in my hands. No longer will I have someone else to blame, or an excuse as reliable as “my mom doesn’t want me going out.” Though, most of the time, that IS the case. No longer will I be able to rationalize mistakes I have made, or put them off as someone else’s responsibility. This is all me, Into the Wild.

Goodbye to my favorites, and my firsts, and my lasts. I know there will be more, but not for this version of me. There are always improvements to be made. My dad once said that “a leopard never changes its spots.” I have to disagree. A leopard never changes its stamina, its agility, but it can change its spots. Metaphorically, of course,  it can change how it presents itself. So, 18 year old Gavin, goodbye to you too. It’s time for you to tuck in for a long sleep. We’re all going to need a lot of energy in the next chapter/book/whatever you want to call it.

I’ll miss Chester, I mean Kt. I’ll miss Lizzie being the dumb twin, Lily always correcting her. I’ll miss V taking me to all really asian places, Justine complaining that the bo-ba isn’t good enough. I’ll miss Marissa telling me that the world is but a canvas to my imagination, all while Meg is utterly disgusted by my political views. I’ll miss being able to afford being the coffee snob that I truly am.

But, goodbye, Yorba Linda, here’s to seeing you on the last page. Goodbye to everything I have ever known, here’s to something new.

To change, to choice, hello.

Goodbye YLHS, you will be missed.