This Season on the Bachelorette…


The Bachelorette Contestants (Photo Courtesy of ABC)

On Monday, May 23, the 12th season of The Bachelorette premiered on ABC. This season’s bachelorette is Jojo (Joelle) Fletcher, the runner-up from Ben Higgin’s season of The Bachelor.


On the last season of The Bachelor, Jojo was heartbroken. Jojo let her walls down and opened up to Ben Higgins, and in return, Ben expressed his love for her multiple times. However, when the final episode aired, Jojo did not receive the final rose and get engaged. Instead, she got sent home heartbroken. However, America loved watching her on the show, and Jojo is set to return as this season’s the Bachelorette.


Jojo, a 25 year old, beautiful real estate developer from Dallas, Texas, now gets a second chance at having her happily ever after. The first night, Jojo will meet 26 handsome bachelors from all around the country who will all try to win her heart over.


*warning, the following content may contain spoilers from the premiere*


To start off, Jojo sat down with three former Bachelorettes who all managed to maintain their love after the show ended and the cameras stopped rolling. After listening to some advice, the show continued on to the introduction of this season’s contestants.


The premiere contained all sorts of whimsical hysterics, as men exiting the limo put their pride and insecurities aside to try to impress Jojo with various types of antics, including someone dressed up as Santa and another one dressed in a kilt. One by one, the men exited the limo and introduced themselves to Jojo. Then, here is where the real fun truly begins.


After all 26 men exit the limo, the cocktail party begins. Mix a house full of men, high levels of testosterone, alcohol, and a late night, and all sorts of exciting drama will be sure to ensue. Here are some highlights of the night:


  1. Alex, a U.S. Marine, had JoJo sit on his back while he did push-ups.
  2. Will used a paper fortune teller to try to get a kiss out of JoJo, which resulted in an extremely awkward moment.
  3. Chad, a real estate broker, spent $7,000 on clothes just for this show and also brought a suitcase full of protein powder. After just two hours, Chad has already become this season’s villain, as he belittles the other men and praises himself. Unfortunately, he showed his softer side to JoJo, who ate it all up.
  4. Wells, a radio DJ, brought the accapella group, All-4-One, along and serenaded JoJo.
  5. Then there’s Daniel. Who listed his occupation as “Canadian.” The only positive thing from his appearance on the show was his humorous reference to the “Damn Daniel” video that went viral. Other than that, he became severely intoxicated and stripped down to his “male underwear” and dove into the pool.


After only night one, 19 roses were handed out, as 6 contestants were sent home. The early front runner from tonight was Jordan Rodgers (whose brother is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers), who won the first impression rose and the first kiss. Avid fan of the show, Neelja Bhagat (11) stated that “I absolutely love Jordan! They were so cute together, and I can’t wait to see what else happens this season!”