Employees of the Year!


Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District recent announced the Employees of the Year for 2015-16. Employees were nominated by fellow staff member who noted their contributions and remarked on how the nominees go above and beyond their job descriptions. The winners were also chosen based on their demonstration of the district’s four core values: “excellence, collaboration, integrity, and innovation.” Among those honored were three Yorba Linda High School staff members: Fred Fonseca, Rey Lejano, and Dave Flynn.
Fred Fonseca, senior Plant Coordinator at YLHS, was named Classified Employee of the Year. Fred can constantly be seen around campus both during school and in off hours. He wears a continuous smile on his face and truly seems to enjoy his job, whether he is delivering equipment/supplies on his cart or problem solving a maintenance issue. “He will always find a way to help you with whatever problem you need solved,” says Mrs. Shube. “The entire custodial staff is pleasant to work with and seem to enjoy their jobs,” continues Shube, “which in many ways stems from the positive environment Fred creates for his team.”
Rey Lejano, economics teacher and tennis coach extraordinaire, was named Teacher of the Year. Lejano has also been a part of the YLHS staff since the school opened. He seemed completely ingrained into the culture of the school, taking his responsibilities beyond the classroom and the tennis court and leading and organizing activities like the YLHS Olympics which help to bring energy, spirit, and fun to the students and staff. “Mr. Lejano deserves this award because more than just seamlessly teaching his students the complexity of economics, he inspires his students to excel inside and outside the classroom,” Darshan Patel (12) explains. “He is a beacon of happiness and is arguably one of the most supportive people I have ever come across. It has been a sincere pleasure having such an amazing person teach me for the past year.”
Finally, Mr. Flynn was named Manager of the Year. Beyond his many years of teaching and administrative work at various schools in the district, Mr. Flynn has been principal at YLHS since before it opened, spending the 2008-09 school year preparing for the school’s opening and hiring the staff. Mr. Flynn clearly loves leading the Mustangs. He was recently seen walking around campus dressed as William Shakespeare in celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday. Staff member Mrs. Shay characterizes Mr Flynn as “the kind of man a man ought to be. He isn’t somebody who sits behind a desk. He is a doer and willing to dress up and bring Shakespeare to life.” He clearly isn’t afraid to have fun at his job, making YLHS a great place to be for the students and staff.
When the entire student body gathered around the quad to recognize these three for their hard work and dedication, the students spontaneously began singing the alma mater. These three staff members are an amazing representation of YLHS, and this moment was indicative of the spirit and pride that runs through the entire school!