Keep Calm and Graduate On

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The time has come, the time for the YLHS seniors to say farewell and graduate. Graduation can be a very hectic event for everyone, especially for the seniors. Almost every senior walks through the halls half asleep and ready to get the heck out of here. Of course, there are so many factors that go into the process of preparing for graduation. Since almost anything can go wrong it is best that every senior is ready and prepared to expect the worst.


1.Don’t Trip

This is probably one of the most likely things to happen as you’re grabbing your diploma. Just imagine you’re about to get your high school diploma to show your hard work and you trip and fall in front of a thousand people. Now that is quite embarrassing. Mainly all those clumsy seniors out there who trip on their own feet should really be prepared. In order to decrease the chances of this happening, you should just put super glue on the bottom of your shoes so you just stick to the floor every time you walk. On the other hand, you could just crawl to your diploma. Why walk and risk falling or tripping when you can just crawl like a baby and not risk any of that. 


2.Don’t Oversleep

The worst possible thing you could do is miss your own graduation because you overslept. It is so easy to just go take a nap before graduation and end up not waking up. Most seniors don’t have any homework, so as soon as they get home they go to bed. With graduation being in the evening, this is really easy to do. To prevent this, you should set up a bucket of ice water to dump on you to wake you up. That should get you up in no time.


3.Be Careful of what you wear

Even though you’re wearing a gown to graduation, you should still dress nice and wear the right shoes. Some advice from Kyla Qumsieh (12) is “Girl’s do not wear thin 10 inch heels unless you want to sink into the grass and humiliate yourself in front of your peers.” Instead of 10 inch heels ladies, just wear 10 inch converse platforms. Also, guys don’t wear your favorite star wars shirt because people can still see through your gown. As a substitute wear your favorite Disney shirt.


These are just a few of the do’s and dont’s of graduation. Make sure to come prepared and expect the worst of worst. Don’t forget to attend the YLHS senior graduation at Shapell Stadium at 6:00 p.m.