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After many months of deliberation and debate, it has finally been announced that a redesign of the United States will in fact take place in the year 2020. This declaration is significant because it allows this generation to place witness to a historic and life changing moment in history. Textbooks and historians in the future will surely talk about the event of the changing of US currency’s appearance.


What exactly is changing? The greatest change that is stirring up mixed reviews from the American people is the replacement of former president Andrew Jackson with the face of Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill. This change is historic in that it is honoring not only the first woman on US currency, but also that of a black individual.


Many believe this is a positive change because it is recognizing a key figure in American history. Missy Gilbertson (11) thinks that “it is good to recognize individuals like Harriet Tubman for their brave efforts in the abolitionist movement. Even though she was never president, she still deserves to be honored for her work and contribution to our country.” Certainly, the world would not be the same without the persistent abolitionist efforts of Harriet Tubman.


Who is Harriet Tubman? In case you have not studied American history yet, here is a brief overview of the impact that Harriet Tubman had on our society. She was a determined and motivated leader in the abolitionist movement and dedicated her life to fighting persecution from the slave owning population. She is most famously associated with her efforts as a leader of the Underground Railroad, a system which helped the Black slaves escape and reach freedom from their lives of captivity.


A majority of Americans point to the fact that Andrew Jackson was not a very honorable president because of his cruel treatment of the Native American population. Therefore, these supporters are in favor of the replacement of Andrew Jackson by a more honorable figure. On the other hand, critics explain how it is inappropriate to disrespect a former president by removing them from the representation of our country.


Whether you agree with this change or not, the government has declare that this redesign will be taking place. Nevertheless, this change will mark a historic change for Americans, and it is exciting to say that we will be there to witness the reveal of the new face of currency.