Ebola: A Pandemic


The Blaze

A microscopic view of the Ebola virus.

As many know, and many fear, Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever where the mortality rate is upwards of 50%. This has caused uproar in many countries across the globe.


Many in the United States are lost as to why the United States has not restricted its borders, such as those of the UK have been temporarily. However, the matter of the fact is that even if the United States were to close its borders, a large outbreak is still expected in the United States sooner than one would expect. According to the WHO, as of 26 October 2014, the Ebola virus has killed upwards of 13,000 people globally. Additionally, an expected pandemic of 130 cases are expected in the United States by the beginning of 2015.


Although there is still a mass push to have the borders closed to prevent this outbreak, the United States cannot take this risk, as it will be severely detrimental to trade, and our hegemonic status as a nation.


Due to the fact that the borders will not be closed in the near future, there is an extremely large movement to put all efforts towards finding a vaccine for Ebola, while it can still be done. The WHO, aka the World Health Organization, has been working tirelessly to develop a vaccine and they are confident in a recent version that they expect to go into clinical trials by the end of 2014. They have also found five alternative vaccines that are expected to begin general testing by the beginning of 2015. Allison Tearjen (12) says that the fact a vaccine has not been found yet is troubling, and she “wish[es] that [she] could get a vaccine right now.” She also comments that in the face of the epidemic she will take “every precautionary measure” to ensure she stays safe.


While still attempting to combat the virus in the face of citizens of the world, specific organizations, such as the American Red Cross, are taking action in rampantly infected countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. While having the philosophy that a cure needs to be found, they are also working to defeat the virus at its source. They are working on proper disposal of the dead and also on ensuring that goods and preventative measures are distributed evenly to everyone.

Erika Paul (11)
says that she “fear[s] this disease so much because it is spreading exponentially and it could wipe out a large portion of the population.” This is, at the rate it is spreading, equitable to the rate of the bubonic plague. However, with measures in place, and the full efforts of the CDC and WHO, the world is in a secure position to defeat this disease.