Too Lazy to Work!


Eunice Ahn

Distractions are everywhere, be careful when studying! It won’t hurt to distance yourself from your phones or any technology.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

It is the year 2019, and technology has been advancing for the past decades. With so many things to access on the internet, we have a very easy time being able to find things quickly on the web. Are we taking that too far and solely relying on knowledge that we find online?


We have all grown up surrounded by technology. Whether it would be computers, TV’s, different phones, or etc., we have grown up with technology in our hands. Not only that, but also this is a generation in which prominent companies like Apple and Samsung are releasing more and more products each and every year. We have Google to search for information we do not know, we have YouTube to watch almost any video we want, and we have Spotify to listen to music. We have taken all these for granted, and it has become embedded into our everyday lives without even knowing it.. Are we too content with our easy lives?


No one goes to the library to search or research anything. With our phones, we can go on to find words we do not know or use Google to help us with our homework assignments. Some of us even procrastinate to the next day to finish our assignments since most of us just “didn’t have enough time” to finish our homework the previous day. An average American teen spends about nine hours on their phones per day, and yet we still say that we just “did not have enough time” (


Sadly, most of us have the same mindset, thinking, “I have enough time to do this” or “I’ll watch one more video and just stay up late and wake up early tomorrow to finish my homework.” Although it is hard to have the motivation to do our work, we should finish our own work and not rely on others. We have grown too content with our lives, causing many of us to get too lazy and just not bear any responsibility, making many of us have terrible work ethics.


As harsh as this may sound, it is a huge problem in our generation where we have grown too comfortable with our lives, causing many of us to ignore our responsibilities as students. Enge You (10) said, “The environment and surroundings should encourage us to work harder and not be lazy. Technology is supposed to be used to help us, not to be used as a distraction. It just really depends on the person who is involved and how the person uses it.”


It is not worth wasting time and not improving our work ethic by solely relying on technology. It is not bad to use it to help us, but we know that slowly, we are using technology to our advantage. It may be hard, but we can slowly start changing little by little. Let us try to use our time wisely and try to not let our laziness really drag us down!