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Everything, Everything came to theaters May 19. Photo courtesy of  imdb.

Review: Everything, Everything

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

For all the lovers of those corny, yet, charming love stories, the movie “Everything, Everything” will have your heart. It is sure to fill all those teenage girl hearts with laughs and tears simultaneously....

Free Doughnuts? Photo courtesy of BH

National Doughnut Day!

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

Every year, since 1938, people and doughnut shops everywhere have been celebrating National Doughnut Day, which is the first friday of June. This year, 2017, National Doughnut Day falls on June 2nd. This...

2016-2017 YLHS Varsity Womens Lacrosse. Photo courtesy of

YLHS Womens Lacrosse 2017 Season

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

The YLHS lady mustangs varsity lacrosse team surprises everyone each year with their astounding championships, dedication, and hard work. Every year the team advances their scores with their specific game...

Khalids album cover of his debut album. Photo courtesy of

Review: Khalid’s Debut Album

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

Khalid, the newest R&B singer-songwriter to the music industry, has been capturing the souls of almost all music lovers with his soothing, yet, calming voice and lyrics. The rhythm and beat of his...

Yoga exercises someone physically and mentally. Photo courtesy of People Magazine.

How to stay fit over Summer

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

Summer is approaching rapidly and it can be so easy to get out of shape with so much free time to sleep, or eat, etc. Of course, with no homework and school, who wouldn’t want to take advantage, and...

Theres only one way to prepare for finals week. Photo courtesy of

How to be ready for Finals Week!

Hailee Ramirez, Editor June 9, 2017

The second semester of the 2016-2017 school year is over in less than two weeks, which means it’s YLHS mustangs favorite time of the year. Finals week! The awaited, most beloved week of the semester...

Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad Museum. Photo courtesy of

Museums that will Spark your Eyes!

Hailee Ramirez, Editor May 6, 2017

There are so many museums in OC and LA that are filled with phenomenal pieces of art, and exhibits. Almost all of them are absolutely free and get you away from the tedious land of gracious living.   1.Los...

4x100m relay team after they won first at the Earl Engman Relays. Photo Courtesy of EarlEngman.

2017 Women’s Track & Field Season

Hailee Ramirez, Editor April 26, 2017

As the years go by the YLHS Women’s Track and Field team stun us all with their amazing victories. This 2017 spring season they have out done themselves again with many personal records hits, medals...

The inside venue of the Anaheim Packing House. Photo courtesy of

The Craze of the Anaheim Packing House

Hailee Ramirez, Editor March 7, 2017

Many students of YLHS are obsessing over the Anaheim Packing House, located in the heart of downtown Anaheim, which contains unique eateries from South America and Europe, live music, and gatherings for...

Photo courtesy of

New Year, New Toys!

Hailee Ramirez, Editor March 7, 2017

As the years go by, the types of gifts given during the holiday season always change and tend to become better than last years’. Of course, money and gift cards is always a number one “gift” received...

Ruth Negga(left), Lin-Manuel Miranda(middle), and Karlie Kloss(right) support ACLU with their blue ribbons at the 2017 Oscars. Photo courtesy of Just

Fashion at the Oscars

Hailee Ramirez, Editor February 27, 2017

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony (2017 Oscars) took place February 26, 2017 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Aside from honoring the best films of 2016, the fashion presented was a huge “retro rewind...

Photo Courtesy of Pakistan News Magazine.

Trolls Movie:Review

Hailee Ramirez, Editor December 26, 2016

Trolls, the newest DreamWorks animated musical comedy hit theatres November 4, 2016 and has made over 300 million dollars worldwide. This film is full of sweet, feel-good, imaginative adventures and crazy...

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