New Year, New Toys!

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Hailee Ramirez, Editor

As the years go by, the types of gifts given during the holiday season always change and tend to become better than last years’. Of course, money and gift cards is always a number one “gift” received almost every year, but, according to Denverpost, teens enjoy actual gifts rather than a piece of plastic. Yet, buying for teens is always a major challenge because the trendiest new gifts to get are always changing.


In this generation, electronics are the best bet when it comes to giving this holiday season. Almost every student at YLHS most likely received a gift relating to electronics or the latest electronic this year. Apple is the most popular electronic company that always has the newest and most techy devices every year. Their smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, and much more are the gifts of the season. Recently, the Iphone 7 was released in September and is the most wanted gift by teenagers. Not only the Iphone 7, but also the newest apple watch and macbook are very popular. For instance, Jordan Harns (11) “received an apple watch series 2 and is obsessed with it.” Along with electronics, another popular gift was polaroid cameras and record players. Over the year, it has become an aesthetic to own these items because it is the new hip and trendy thing to do because of the obsession with the old days has suddenly made a comeback (nypost).


Besides technology and electronic related presents, there was a huge disbursement of many random miscellaneous gifts that happened to be favored amidst numerous teens. First, the adored Hydro Flask water bottles that “almost anyone can catch a student at YLHS holding around,” states Bella Lascari (11). These bottles range from various colors, shapes, sizes, and are insulated to keep a beverage cold or hot for almost ever. Another random present received by teens or maybe some adults was Hasbros’ new game, “Pie Face,” which has been a huge hit. This game was around in the 60’s, but wasn’t as appealing as it is today. It is such a simple game that can almost be enjoyed “by everybody” (cbsnews).


All of these knick knacks, electronics, and what nots were all the spark of the 2016 holiday season for teenagers and some adults all around. Of course, when the 2017 holiday season rolls around, there will be higher advanced electronics and more popular gifts wanted.