Police Body Camera’s Bring Positive Results


Courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

A new San Diego police body camera report shows positive results.  Residents have complained less with the use of these body cameras and they have reported that there has been less use of force by officers.


This idea of using body cameras on police is a very recent one and is only in the testing phases.  Just like the dash camera on a police vehicle, the body camera allows others to view in a first hand experience to what the police experience.  This technology will help put out the absurd idea that the police are harming the citizens of cities rather than helping them.


Ever since the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, the police of many states have been wrongfully accused of harming innocent people.  With the help of this technology, the actions of the police officer can be recorded to be viewed later if an issue presents itself.  It can show how in a near death experience, the police officer will always act in favor of saving the lives of the citizens and that they are not harming the citizens.  “The police aren’t here to harm us, but if we try to attack them, then obviously they will try to defend themselves,” says Rachael Toledo (11).


There have been many cases where police officers have aided the people of the general public, even if it means that they have to go out of their way to do it.  A recent story depicts just how caring the police really are.  On March 23rd, a woman by the name of Asia Ford set off to run a 10k race in order to continue her weight-loss program.  Towards the end of the race,  Asia felt like her body was about to give up when she started praying to God to give her just a few more steps.  At that moment, Officer Aubrey Gregory saw that Asia was soon to quit, so he came to her rescue and helped her finish the rest of the 10k.  Officer Aubrey Gregory’s act of kindness reflects how police officers actually act, compared to how people view them.