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Concerts To Look Forward To

People come together to enjoy good music and a good time
People come together to enjoy good music and a good time

For those to enjoy music, concerts are something we look forward to often. There are so many good bands and solo singers that are coming to town in the near future. Since Yorba Linda is relatively close to Los Angeles, we should consider ourselves lucky; every artist performs in Los Angeles. Emma Reiss (12) recalls how she “saw Taylor Swift in LA for her Eras Tour. [She] loved seeing [her] favorite artist perform live.” Los Angeles is the city of stars and dreams, where every small artist comes to expose their music, and every big artist stays to record and perform. Especially as summer approaches and more outdoor venues open up, more big concerts are being scheduled. Here are some concerts to look forward to:

I loved seeing my favorite artist perform

— Emma Reiss

Olivia Rodrigo will be at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California from August 13 to August 17 2024. Her fans have been raving about her new Guts World Tour. Olivia has been known to put on a show. There are a lot of cool aspects to her shows. For example, before the concert starts, there is a screen that displays candles that spell the word GUTS. Once these candles burn out, Olivia will come out. The crowd’s anticipation grows with every drip down the candle. Her outfits and props never disappoint and her songs are screamed by the audience. 

Chris Stapleton will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl during June 26 and June 27 2024. If you’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl, it’s definitely somewhere to put on your bucket list. It is a huge outdoor theater with a large dome, where the artist performs inside, amplifying sound toward the audience. This is a perfect summer venue. I don’t know what screams summer more than a beautiful outdoor venue and great country music. Chris Stapleton is an incredible singer and songwriter. He will also bring more incredible voices and guests to sing at his concert such as Marcus King. 

Lana Del Rey is performing at The Fox Theater Pomona in Pomona, California. She will be performing at the theater from Friday April 19 to Sunday April 21 2024. However, before you go, you should know that many people find that Lana Del Rey is a bit disappointing in concert. Her voice is much different than on the edited recordings. Her music is not upbeat or energetic, so I wouldn’t consider this a so-called “fun” concert. Lana’s music is beautiful and poetic, it is more to be heard and appreciated to oneself.

There are countless more concerts of smaller artists and a few with larger artists as well. For example, Bad Bunny will come to Arena in March, Future will be at Hollywood Park in March, The Rolling Stones will be at SoFi Stadium in July, and Usher will come to the Intuit Dome in September. I encourage you to look out for more concerts and I hope all the music lovers will get to experience something as special as these concerts soon!


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Natalie Waters
Natalie Waters, Photojournalist
Natalie Waters is a Yorba Linda High School senior and is excited to begin her second year as a photojournalist for The Wrangler. She is involved in many different clubs and loves to help out in her community. Her favorite subject is English since she loves to write. Natalie loved going to the beach, hanging out with friends, reading, and watching movies in her spare time. Natalie wants to study philosophy and psychology with an emphasis on business. She would love to have her own business someday and be able to travel around the world. Natalie is excited for her senior year and can’t wait to see what it will bring.

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