Extreme Sports Worth the Risk?


A group of athletes enjoying the thrill of skydiving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNxrOnKA0Sg

Grace Kim, photojournalist

Ever climbed 2, 244 feet without any assistance from a rope or harness? Or maybe surfed down the side of a volcano? Extreme sports are activities that are dangerous, usually consisting of “extreme” characteristics like unbelievable heights, fast speed, and a chance of death.

By saying extreme sports most people will think of activities like skydiving or bungee jumping; however, not all extreme sports are as so. For an example, scuba diving and blobbing are examples of a more mild extreme activity. Scuba diving is when the participant gets to have a more depth exploration of the world under the sea. If the participant wants  more of a twist to their adventure, then they can try shark cage diving or maybe cave diving.  Blobbing is also a more mild activity. This sport consists of a partially filled airbag with one person sitting on one side of the balloon being launched into the water by the other participants jumping onto the opposite side. Again, if one prefers a more risky activities they can try bungee jumping or whitewater rafting.

On the other hand If one is looking for a sport that consist of extreme adrenaline rush, try creeking or Wingsuit flying. For those who do not know, creeking is basically kayaking in an environment of violent waves and sharp rocks. Wingsuit flying is a sport where the athlete jumps out of a plane in a suit that is meant to help the athlete glide through the air.

These activities do come with consequences, including death or permanent disabilities. Erik Roner was a skydiving, base jumping athlete that sadly passed away due to his favorite hobby. While Erik was doing a group performance, he hit a tree and died instantly. Another incident is the accident of Evel Knievel. Evel Knievel was trying to jump 151 feet with his motorcycle, when he crashed and broke more than 40 bones in his body.

With all these risk, why are extreme sports not only being recognized but gaining more popularity? The simple answer to that is their uniqueness. Extreme sports relieves stress through adrenaline a feeling that becomes addictive to many athletes. Extreme sports are all about having fun, enjoying oneself. Other sports like soccer, football, swim are all restricted on rules, and competition. However, extreme sports is just feeling the adrenaline and releasing buildup stress with one’s fears. As goes with all sports, extreme sports help participants  learn about their limits and strengths. By freefalling from 233 feet,  usual emotions are disbelief, happiness, thrill, and excitement to do it again. Kennedy Maddock (10)says, “extreme sports look enjoyable even if it looks impossible.” Extreme sports do have their ups and downs; however there are other activities that could be done to match each personality.