ASB Election Week

Photo courtesy of Aubrey Osorio

Aubrey Osorio

Photo courtesy of Aubrey Osorio

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

ASB election week has come upon the students of YLHS. Peers are going head to head to try to receive a specific position on the student body board. The campus was covered with posters advertising the many different candidates. However, the final say comes down to the students who will vote their classmates into office.

There are multiple different positions being sought by students. However students can only vote to elect the positions that affect them. There are class board positions as well as the main board. Each grade level will receive a class president, vice president, and a secretary/ treasurer. Representing the entire student body the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected. For example, a sophomore can only place their vote for next year’s junior board and the over all ASB board. This last week students voted for their new ASB board and the results are in!

For overall positions:

ASB President- Sierra Bauerle

ASB Vice President- Jake Johnson

ASB Secretary- Katelyn Walker

ASB Treasurer- Claire Aguilera

ASB Ambassador- Adam Carillo

For the senior class board:

Senior President- Kamy Heyman

Senior Vice President- Claire Zuro

Senior Secretary/ Treasurer- Tiana White

For junior class board:

Junior President- Sydney Baugh

Junior Vice President- Spencer Kim

Junior Secretary/ Treasurer- Aubrey Osorio

For sophomore class board:

Sophomore President- Lauren Bui

Sophomore Vice President- Tyler Padgett

Sophomore Secretary/ Treasurer- Cheryl Pham

Congratulations to all of these students who have been selected by their peers to lead YLHS.

Elections can be seen as an amazing opportunity for students to get involved. Morgan Lui (11), sees elections as “a great way to get involved because [students] are voting for people who make decisions for our school, so they are more likely to participate in activities for their friends [who have planned the event]”. On the contrary Wendy Perez (12) finds that “elections show how much support your friends can really give you but I still see them as merely a popularity race. We place our votes on who we know and have known longer; it has nothing to do with who we believe can succeed in their position”. Students like Wendy and Morgan think the involvement of students and the popularity of those students in class positions are closely linked. This theory can be very true, those students with large masses of friends can influence those friends to attend events, increasing the number of students attending events. In other opinions, it can be found that because people with larger friend groups can bring more insight from the masses on the likes and dislikes of the student body. Now that the student board can understand how students feel. ASB can then help provide an even better high school experience.