Dogs vs. Cats… Who Wins?

Yeji Kim and Nathan Shube

“I think dogs are way better than any other pet,” said Ejin Keum (12), “I have a very special connection with my dog that I do not have with other animals.”

Whose heart would not melt at the sight of a happy dog wagging his tail who cheerfully greets you by the door at the end of a hard day? While it may be true that the cats help cat owners with their stress and anxiety management by giving relaxation and distraction from other worries, dogs, indeed, are the best kind of pets. First of all, dogs did not become “man’s best friend” for no reason. Dogs not only are loyal and obedient companions, but also give unconditional love every day and offer social, physical, and emotional benefits to the owners. Also, dogs teach responsibility and help to stay fit. Owning a dog, unlike owning a cat, involves constant attention and great responsibility such as regular feeding, bathing, and walking and exercising every day. Therefore, by taking care of dogs, people become more responsible and committed as well as build self-confidence. Furthermore, dogs have a sixth sense and are well above average intelligence. Without dogs, there would be no one to track down criminals and sniff drugs and explosives. Dogs provide protection and safety for their loved ones. Lastly, dogs come in a wide variety of breeds and physical characteristics from tiny toy Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff. There is a dog to suit every owner’s taste and lifestyle. Therefore, owning a dog can do more than just make you happy. No matter who you are, or what age you are, dogs can truly be your best friends.

No matter what kind of pet you have, there are many benefits to owning a pet. However, dogs and many other pets are being mistreated and abused these days. Please treat your pets with a respect and make them smile just like how they bring a smile on your face every day!



Let me start off by saying that I love cats and dogs and all pets for that matter; however, cats are clearly superior to dogs across the board. Cats are the more sophisticated creature, more intelligent, more refined. They have been worshiped by the ancient egyptians: that has to mean something. Who can resist a little ball of fluff curled up in your lap, purring away in content. They rub up against you and stare up at you, wanting to be stroked. They don’t make a huge mess when they eat. No slobber or drool, no unnecessary barking. Cats are the more intellectual creatures, they are more sophisticated. A cat won’t lower itself to getting messy out in the mud, or eating their own poop like dogs do. Cats don’t sniff each others butts. Granted, you’ll have cat litter all over your house, but it could be much worse. Dogs bring in dirty paw prints, branches, and tennis balls they found out on the street. A cat would never do something like that. All in all, cats are clearly the superior species because of their regality, likeability, and ingenuity.