Fab or Drab??


Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

As you know, fashion is a part of everyday life. It is unquestionable that you need to wear some kind of clothing to go through with your day (even though you might not want to when it feels like a sauna everywhere you go in Southern California at this moment of time). With that said, trends play a significant role in fashion; they can help to define your kind of style.


I gathered a few trends going on at the moment and asked a few students around school what they thought about them:

Man buns

Sam Malakooti (11): “The man bun is cool if it’s done nicely and neatly.”

Riley Rose (12): “I think man buns depend on the guy! Some boys are super cute with them, but they have to have the whole look.”



-Sam Malakooti: “Birkenstocks are cool but only a few outfits/ people can pull them off.”

-Riley Rose: “I LOVE BIRKENSTOCKS! The world would be a better place if everyone wore Birkenstocks. Some people think they look like grandpa shoes, but they are clearly wrong. My birks are the best thing I know!”


Bucket hats

-Sam Malakooti: “Bucket hats are convincing with blocking the sun, but I don’t see them as a stylish thing.”

Aleeha Kalam (12): “Are you a sailor?”


I also compiled a few either/or questions on other trends:


tattoo chokers or long necklaces

Gabi Moussa (10): “Long necklaces over chokers. I’ve never actually worn a choker before, but they’ve always seem uncomfortable to me and I would prefer not to try them.”

Alexys Jones (12): “Chokers alllll the way! Long necklaces are girly, and I’m just not. I’ve always had a grunge/punk/goth side to me and it just fits.”


joggers or jeans

Ryan Ahklagi (12): “Joggers. They are so comfortable and roomy!”

-Sam Malakooti: “Joggers are a no-go. They look awkward in my opinion.”


short hair or long hair

Ryan Ahklagi: “Short hair on guys, but long hair on girls. I like my hair long, but for me, anything close to shoulder length is a bit too much. ”

-Gabi Moussa: “I prefer short hair in general. It’s easier to take care of or put out of the way when it gets annoying.”


Obviously, we have some differing views. Tell me what you think of these fashion trends! Do you agree with these students? Disagree? Is it fab or is it drab?