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Exploring Rory’s Relationships in “Gilmore Girls”: Are you a Tristan, Dean, Jess, or Logan person?

Everyone who watches Gilmore Girls has differing opinions on each of Rory’s main boyfriends; who is your favorite? (People)

2000s trends have been brought back in the past several months as social media celebrates the styles and culture of the beginning of the century. Not only have some fashions come back into style, but also a refreshed appreciation for the films of the time. There is no better way to welcome 2000s culture than to recognize the famous movies and TV shows that debuted in 2000, including the well-known show Gilmore Girls. Despite it being 24 years since its premiere, Gilmore Girls began catching the attention of teens and young adults during COVID-19. The lockdown contributed to the show’s popularity since the well-known streaming service Netflix was constantly utilized as a source of entertainment. 

Anyone who has watched the cozy show can testify to the comfortable mood it creates, along with a flair for drama. Rory Gilmore’s bond with her mother, Lorelai Gilmore, is somewhat unconventional yet endearing as the audience gets pulled into the dynamic between the single mother and the daughter she raised by herself. Their relationship veers on the edge of being a friendship rather than a parent and child, which adds to their animosity when Rory pursues romantic interests.

Although Rory never officially dated Tristan, fans appreciate his looks and flirtatious nature.

The four boys, Tristan, Dean, Jess, and Logan, who appear throughout Rory Gilmore’s life, have stolen the hearts of numerous fans with their charm and allure. Although Tristan and Rory never officially dated, audience members are taken by his charisma and confidence. His teasing of Rory can also be seen as charming, even though it causes her to doubt his true feelings. However, other fans say that his inability to stop pursuing Rory even after she gets into a relationship with Dean is tiresome. 

Dean Forester was Rory’s first boyfriend in Gilmore Girls and is loved by many who adore his sweet personality.

Dean is one who many people love, especially since he is Rory’s first boyfriend and has a sentimental connection to Stars Hollow. Their relationship starts as an adorable first love but has ups and downs, especially when the two break up after Rory fails to tell him “I love you.” After a few months, the pair makes up, and everything seems to be going well until the character Jess is introduced. 

This turning point in the show leads to a drastic shift in Dean’s soft and sweet characteristics as Rory grows closer to Jess. Dean becomes jealous and begins to cling to her, which adds to Rory’s rising distaste for him. Although his attitude can seem immature, fans have attributed his behavior to Rory’s issue: staying with Dean even as her feelings for Jess become obvious. 

The typical “rebel” of Gilmore Girls, Jess Mariano, captured the audience’s attention with his unique personality and charm.

After Rory and Dean’s final break up, Jess appears more often as he and Rory start to date. Before, as they were still getting to know each other, Rory’s first impression of him was that he was stubborn and frustrating, but this assumption melts away as she realizes that they share similar interests and get along well. Lorelai opposes him since she believes he is a terrible influence on Rory and is extremely disrespectful. Her views of him are proven correct when Jess’s lack of communication skills jeopardizes his and Rory’s relationship and ultimately causes their separation. 

I liked Jess because he actually supported Rory, whereas Dean tried to convince her not to go to her dream college.”

— Chloe Gan (9)

However, in reality, he cares about Rory and supports her through anything she struggles with, and Chloe Gan (9) states, “I liked Jess because he supported Rory, whereas Dean tried to convince her not to go to her dream college.” His actions can also be endearing when his tough exterior fades once he and Rory are together. It is especially sweet when Jess visits Rory after writing a novel and finally making a successful life for himself; he talks with Rory and convinces her to continue studying at Yale after she has stopped attending. 

Logan Huntzberger is a fan favorite because of his wit and character growth.

Rory’s last boyfriend on the show, Logan Huntzberger, is a daredevil who pushes Rory to try things outside of her comfort zone. The first time he and Rory meet, it is clear that he has a calming and reasonable personality, along with witty remarks that keep Rory on her toes. Logan is a fan-favorite because of his ability to be fun and energetic at times but serious and respectable at others. 

Whether you are a Tristan, Dean, Jess, or Logan person, it can be agreed that they each contributed to Rory’s character development. She finds throughout her relationship with Dean how important honesty is, learns how to respect and love someone with Jess, and is inspired to take more risks with Logan.

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