Thanksgiving vs. Halloween


Lancy Shi

Thanksgiving and Halloween are both holidays that take place in the fall, and many can have a hard time deciding which one is better.

Sophia Jones, Photojournalist

Thanksgiving or Halloween? Which is better? Thanksgiving and Halloween are both very great holidays with many traditions. There are so many different factors of both of these holidays that make them special and get people excited for this time of year.


Thanksgiving is a great family holiday, since it celebrates family and thankfulness. Thanksgiving allows for family to get together and to have time to have great conversations over great dinner and dessert.


Every family has their own traditions, so it is a holiday that is special and different for every family and celebrates togetherness. Many families cook as part of their tradition, which allows for them to make memories and bond. 


Thanksgiving is also a great lead into winter and the holiday season because it starts to create the cozy, homey feeling of the holidays. The food and family time together is an amazing way to get into winter and the holidays.  There are many parades and celebrations as well.  It is a very pure holiday that isn’t commercialized very much and is based on friends, family, and food.


Halloween, on the other hand, is a holiday that focuses on horror rather than being grateful. Kids can dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating and get candy that could last them months or a day, depending on the kid. There is an excitement as a kid going trick-or-treating and getting excited over the candy you get and showing off to your friends and siblings. Everyone gets to dress up for Halloween. There are so many options, from dressing up with a friend, a group of friends, or a pet. One can be whatever they want. 


Halloween movies are also a staple in the fall season. They are funny, scary, and exciting and are enjoyable to the whole family. Families and friends can gather together at the movie theater or at home with snacks and Halloween candy to get scared or have a good laugh. 


However, both of these holidays benefit from their fall settings. The feeling of fall and its coziness provide a great atmosphere for the holidays. Fall contributes to the different parts of the holidays that are memorable, such as pumpkin flavors and pumpkin carving and the cool weather. These aspects, along with the holidays make fall one of the most loved seasons.

I love the thought of fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving. I feel like they are both just as good and both contribute to the fall feeling.

— Grecia Chavez (9)


 Thanksgiving and Halloween are both great fall holidays with memorable traditions and activities. Thanksgiving is solely focused on food, family, and gratefulness. Halloween is based on candy, creative costumes, and nighttime with friends. So, what is the better holiday, Thanksgiving or Halloween?