Brain Injuries

All differents part of the brain and having a brain injury can affect how the brain works.

All differents part of the brain and having a brain injury can affect how the brain works.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

Throughout the world and the time people have been on this Earth, people have suffered traumatic brain injuries from all different types of accidents. Whether people have a minor brain injury or a serve one, it changes a person and how they function. 

Most head injuries come from a severe jolt to the body or head, causing the brain to hit the skull. When the brain hits the skull, it can cause damaged tissues, bruising, or torn parts. Having this serve hit your body or head can cause permanent or temporary problems for the brain. 

Brain injuries can range from minor Concussions to Diffuse Axonal Injuries. All damages to the brain can harm, and there are symptoms to all of them.

A mild brain injury could show symptoms like headaches, nausea, fatigue, stuttering, and dizziness. It can also be sensitive to light or sound. Added symptoms can be not sleeping, mood swings, not wanting to eat, and memory issues. 

A concussion is a very common injury to the brain that can be harmless and can be a very serious issue depending on how bad the impact on the brain was. A concussion can happen from sports and being hit with a ball by another person, hitting your head on the floor, and more. Alex Jacks (10) adds, “I had a concussion from soccer and the light was sensitive for me.”

For more serve brain injuries, the symptoms can be anything above and unconsciousness, constant headache, dilations of the eyes, loss of balance, confusion, slurred speech, and hard to keep concentrating. 

Brain injury’s long term effects can be memory loss, visual changes, balance, stuttering on words, etc. 

Brain injuries can cause people a lot of struggles for themselves and family. From personal experience, my dad had been in a bicycle accident and has suffered from a brain injury since. He had problems with the temperature; his body would be cold in really hot temperatures, and his body would be hot in cold temperatures. He also would lose his balance and could not find words to create a sentence sometimes and now still forgets things to this day. 

Injuries to the brain are serious and can not be taken lightly. Brain injuries can change a person from who they are, and some people never return to who they were before a brain injury. All brain injuries need to be taken care of and not overlooked.