Wheels or Doors

Wheels or doors is a big discussion going on worldwide. Many people believe wheels, and others think doors.


Wheels or doors is a big discussion going on worldwide. Many people believe wheels, and others think doors.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

This was an odd conversation brought up randomly one day on social media. So many people have discussions in classes, friend groups, and with people they don’t know. An argument all over social media platforms is whether there are more doors or wheels in the world.

There are many reasons for each side whether people choose doors or wheels.

Some people believe doors because most cars have two or four doors. There is also a trunk on a car. Ms. Picciotta (S) says, “Cars have trunks, which are compared to four wheels and fives; therefore, there are more doors in the world. Also, count the cabinets in my classroom, and there are no wheels.”

Most people use skyscrapers, hotels, and hospitals as their reasons for doors. All of those buildings have more doors and cabinets that can be counted. A lot of houses have more doors than wheels as well. On average, there are about 21 doors in a home, and there are houses worldwide.

People who make their argument for doors have very valid opinions, but almost every Tikok or conversation is about how there are more wheels in the world.

People in favor of wheels used cars, desk drawers, hospital beds, chairs, roller coasters, and conveyor belts as examples.

When people think of all the wheels in the world, they consider how cars could only have two doors, and motorcycles do not even have doors. Hospitals have many doors, but hospitals do have beds with four wheels on them. Also, most chairs are rolling chairs, and those contain five wheels.

Dayana Pina (11) adds, “Wheels make more sense because cars are everywhere, and sometimes they do not even have four doors.”

Tyson Woods (10) expresses, “Think about all desk drawers; they roll on wheels by a 2:1 ratio. So wheels overpower doors and I stand by that.”

This debate on social media has made people really think and ponder. People are going back and forth on choosing which side. If people honestly believe one side, they will support their decision 100%. There are also more conversations about wheels or windows.

More people think if it is windows or wheels, windows would win. Another social media debate is strands of hair or strands of grass.

This social media debate has been interesting to watch and see what people say. What do you think: wheels or doors?