What Is Your Mosaic?

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

A mosaic is an art piece full of different pieces put together to create something beautiful. The art piece has a story to tell, and all the small and unique pieces put together to make something attractive. 

Over the last month, a TikTok trend has been a hit. It is called “my mosaic.” It is a trend where you talk about character traits or habits you have acquired because of people that have influenced you or made an impact. Every person in your life, good or bad, has made an impact; they crossed your path for a reason. 

Over time people pick up habits because they have friends who do something or they see influences to do it, and they want to do it. 

The trend helps people open up and learn more about themselves. Hearing other people talk about character traits helps them realize their character traits picked up from other people. 

I picked up a habit from mom when I was in middle school; every day I got in the car after school, she asked me how my day was. Every day after school, I would text my close friends and show them how their school day was. I think it is important to ask someone how their day was because it makes them feel appreciated, and I love it when my mom takes time out of her day to ask me. 

A character trait I acquired was from my sister, who grew up being a good friend and taking care of everyone. She is like a mom and tries to make everyone happy no matter what is going on. I watched her from a young age, and I try to make sure all my friends are happy and protect them like a mom. 

Nayeli Ramirez (9) said, “I grew up seeing my mom being a positive person even when she was going through stuff, so I have always tried my best to be positive and nice to other people even when times are rough.” 

Nayeli has adapted the character trait of being kind to people because her mother always showed kindness no matter the circumstances. 

I think this trend has set a positive environment and lets people bring out the best in them. Every human in this is a mosaic and has things that make them unique and special. We are crafted individuals, and all have something that makes us different. Find who and what has made you who you are today. What is your mosaic?