Ferguson Riots



Courtesy of scgnews.com

Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

The atrocious riots that have transpired in Ferguson, Missouri, have caused a lot of harm to the locals in the area.  The riots started due to the death of the young African-American teenager by the name of Michael Brown. When Michael tried to approach the officer, Darren Wilson, the officer was threatened and shot and killed Michael Brown.  The actions of that night were discussed at grand jury and Wilson was pronounced innocent, thus causing the riots in Ferguson to break out.


Riots in Ferguson are extremely brutal and are creating a lot of damage to the city.  Local businesses and structures are being broken and burned down by protestors due to the jury’s decision. Even other cities around the country have been starting to protest such as Los Angeles and Chicago.


This has caused people to question why these people are rioting.  Ronak Babaria says, “The verdict of the grand jury’s case has already gone through.  Why are people still rioting?”  Many people agree with this and show that the riots are just bringing harm to the cities that are allowing them to happen.  The burning of buildings and the destroying of store windows plagues the business of Ferguson but causes no additional benefits to the people that are protesting.  The verdict of the court case cannot be changed, and officer Darren Wilson will still be innocent.  The only harm that is being taken is to the people who own those businesses that are being broken into and being burned.  These riots are not causing any other factors to change regarding the death of Michael Brown.


Although the riots haven’t changed anything within their own city, it has caused other cities to start riots.  These riots haven’t been as brutal as the ones in Ferguson since the protestors didn’t break or burn any of the buildings.  Clearly, the riots in Ferguson aren’t transpiring many benefits but rather causing much more harm to the city itself.