Life After Quarantine


Courtesy of Business Insider

Before quarantine, most people at a concert would record on their phones. But after quarantine, people may start to get sick of life behind a screen.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Section Editor

After being quarantined for almost eight months, it is an understatement to say that we miss doing normal activities like going to our friends’ houses, seeing concerts, and going to work or school. Many feel more thankful for the smaller things in life and look forward to returning to normal after a vaccine is available. Staying home sounded like a miracle in March, but in the middle of November, watching movies, working from home, being alone, and taking trips to the kitchen and back is old. 

Life after quarantine may consist of more outgoing activities that we may not have even done prior to March. Maybe, living life through a phone screen will be of the past as people move forward to appreciate simple things that they were not allowed to do.

Life before quarantine consisted of many fun activities, but many people were busy looking at it through a screen. Life stuck at home is almost nothing but screens. People are sick of sitting on their phones or in front of a computer. This proposes how life after quarantine may consist of living in the moment and appreciating real things outside of the internet.

Although it seems like a paradise when imagining a concert or beach with a sea of people who aren’t worried about a virus, we may still be seeing masks well into 2021. Due to the dangers of opening up right after the pandemic, it is safe to say that there will be a gradual return to normal. 

Since schools are taking small steps to return to normal, there is no doubt that other places are going to do the same.”

— Tommy Herington (11)

This gradual return can be seen by our very own Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) as they take the first step in returning to normal by going back to school on a hybrid model. Tommy Herington (11) adds “since schools are taking small steps to return to normal, there is no doubt that other places are going to do the same. Obviously, school is a priority, but if we return without any problems, other companies will begin doing the same thus causing more and more places to open up.”

Overall, most people are sick of staying home and cannot wait to return to normal. Due to being sick of screens, life after a vaccine may look even better than before the virus. However, considering how carefully decisions must be made, there will not be a sudden release from quarantine. Instead, we can predict a gradual approach that may even mean seeing masks and staying six feet apart next year.