PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which One Should you Buy?


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From left to right: the Xbox Series X, the PS5, the Xbox Series S, and the PS5 digital edition. The prices for these consoles are $499, $499, $299, and $399, respectively.

Blake Kingsbury, Photojournalist

It’s been something that gamers have been looking forward to for over a year now: the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5. For a short period of time, it was unknown if these consoles were actually going to be released by the end of the year due to the Coronavirus, but ultimately the virus turned out to be not much of a problem for Sony and Microsoft, as many consoles had already been created or were in the production process.

The PS5 will officially be released in stores and for online deliveries on November 12th. However, those who have not already preordered the console will most likely have to wait until the end of the month to get their hands on the new gaming system, as preorders have already sold out. Pricing for the console starts at $399 for the digital version and $499 for the standard edition. The difference between the two of these versions is that the digital edition does not have a disc drive. That means that if you do choose to purchase this cheaper option, you will have to purchase all games online, and won’t have the ability to play old PS4 discs or DVDs. 

With the purchase of either of these PlayStation consoles, you will also receive a DualSense controller. Other accessories that may be purchased for the system include the Pulse 3D headset, the media remote, the PS5 HD camera, and additional DualSense controllers. The cost for these items is as follows: $69.99 each for additional DualSense controllers, $29.99 for the media remote, and $59.99 for the PS5 HD camera. 

The Xbox Series X has a slightly earlier release date: November 10th. Just like the PS5, there are two different versions of the new console: the Series X itself, which costs $499, and the Series S, which is priced at $299. The main difference between these systems is the ability to play at 4K resolution and the storage on the console. On the Series X, you can play games at 4K resolution, and have 1TB worth of storage, so that you’ll be able to download more and more games without having to delete them to install them. With the Series S, resolution capability only goes up to 1080p, and only 512GB of storage is available for games. 

Also similar to the PS5, an Xbox Series controller and high-speed HDMI cable is included with the purchase of the console. Extra controllers may be purchased as well, for a price of $59.99, $10 cheaper than an additional PS5 controller. Although there is not an official headset created by Microsoft for sale like Sony’s Pulse 3D, many third-party companies will be creating their own headsets for the system, which will be available for purchase in stores and online. Another accessory that may be purchased for the new console is the Seagate Storage Expansion card, which adds an extra 1TB of storage to your system.

Unlike past console “wars” between Sony and Microsoft, there does not seem to be a clear cut “better” console this time around. Both consoles have very similar graphics and cost the same price. The decision on whether to purchase a PS5 or an Xbox Series X really just depends on your personal preference in exclusive games (for example, Gears of War on Xbox, and Spiderman on PlayStation) and which interface (menus) feels the best to you. Justin Ehrman (12) was asked about which console he would purchase if he had to pick one today. He responded, “I would definitely buy the PS5. I’ve been an Xbox fan my whole life, but Sony’s new engineering tops Microsoft’s, which tends to be the most important thing when people decide on consoles nowadays.” However, Justin did say that Series X has some great exclusive games that aren’t available on the PS5. “Xbox does own Mojang and Bethesda though, so overall they have a larger amount of exclusive games.”

Overall, the main takeaway from the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X is that no certain console is “better” so to say, but that enjoyment will rely mainly on the consumer’s personal preferences. One thing’s for sure though: every gamer is looking forward to the release dates of these new consoles, and can’t wait to play some of the most realistic looking games that have ever been made!