Going Shopping on Black Friday?

That’s so Cray Cray!

A humorous eCard that explains the danger of Black Friday.

A humorous eCard that explains the danger of Black Friday.

Taylor Chelliah, Photojournalist

Now, everyone looks forward for the annual family dinner with the big turkey every Thanksgiving, but the feeling of Thanksgiving diminishes when you’re outside of Walmart for a 65″ TV for $650.


Every year, shoppers worldwide wait in anticipation for the legendary deals of Black Friday, which is said to mark the beginning of Christmas shopping. However, it being the day after Thanksgiving and people waiting outside the doors for weeks, the warm, loving atmosphere of a Thanksgiving feast turns to the cold winter outdoors, camping outside a Toys R Us and eating a burger from the local Burger King. With days like these, it’s hard to remember the that special day before it that is meant to be thankful for what God has given them.


Also, when Black Friday comes around and the stores’ employees open their doors timidly, they are met with a large, raging sea of shoppers, which puts the Running of the Bulls to shame. The poor and unfortunate souls working that dangerous day of sales now has to run for safety, preferably the counters so they can let the overeager shoppers purchase their crazy deals. It gives the impression that when Target’s doors are unlocked, morals are thrown out of the window as people sprint for the items they want to buy. It’s not uncommon for at least one person to be trampled when the mob starts up.


Plus, these shoppers show no mercy. If they have to resort to pushing, punching, and pepper spraying, they will have no trouble doing so. Many fights have broke from 2006 to the present over insignificant matters like a new television set to a gaming console. Ever since 2008, on Black Friday, there has been 7 deaths and 90 injuries accounted for.


Though it may be hard to believe, the extremely cheap deals also has its drawback. The good deals burn  a hole in your pocket, dropping money out left and right, until you are broke and can’t afford most items. Which isn’t the best scenario to be in, considering Christmas time is just around the corner.


Also, even the most unlikely stores are getting into the Black Friday “spirit” by joining in with the “fun.” Two of those chain stores being the 99 Cents Only franchise, along with the Dollar Tree shops. After a moment of thought, this would be the part when most people begin to facepalm at the notion of them even endorsing the infamous tradition when all of their items are already dirt-cheap.


Yet, the worse has yet to come. This year, Black Friday will start on November 26th at 6:00 PM at most stores. The main issue here is that, the employees won’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. In addition, some stores won’t even close at the wee hours of the night. Sophomore Amy Weitzman commented on this issue, “They shouldn’t be working because they should be eating food with family and watching football.” Thus, most of Thanksgiving’s magic this year will be sparse due to the horrors of Black Friday.