Best of Iced Coffee in Orange County


Courtesy of Live Lighter.

Orange County is home to some of the most loved coffee shops.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

As the loneliness of quarantine worsens, little trips to the store or local cafe can be quite eventful. With very little social interactions, I often find myself constantly in need of daily trips that allow me to make my way out of my normal isolation within my home. One of my favorite locations to visit includes the many coffee shops around Orange County. 

Orange County is home to some of the most delicious and unique coffee shops. From chain coffee spots to little mom-and-pop shops, Orange County has plenty of places to enjoy the deliciousness of an ice-cold coffee. Especially as the summer weather creeps up quickly, iced coffee is truly the perfect treat lately. 

Some of the most acclaimed coffee locations in Orange County include Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, Philz Coffee, Coffee Dose, and Tru Bru Organic Coffee. Following is a rundown on these highly talked about coffee hotspots:

First off, let’s start with Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. Off the bat, this remains high on the list due to its location. Being less than a mile away from Yorba Linda High School, you can not deny that this shop is definitely a favorite among YLHS students. Seniors, such as Madison Miller (12), “love grabbing an iced vanilla latte during lunch break.” Not only is its location appealing, but so are its prices. This establishment is on the cheaper side of our list, and the ambiance is wonderful. The relaxed, rustic feel is overall very welcoming, and not to mention, the coffee is quite delicious. 

Next, we have Philz Coffee. This coffee shop is located in Fullerton and it quite large compared to other locations on our list. The calm feeling when walking into Philz is one of my favorite parts about it, as I can enjoy my coffee as I sit on a comfortable light-brown leather couch. As an avid Philz customer, I have my order of a large Dancer Waters memorized, but for newcomers, I find that most have a hard time forming their orders. Compared to most coffee spots, Philz does not have a conventional menu, so for that reason, it sits a little lower on our list. Although the coffee is affordable and, among these four establishments, the coffee is my personal favorite.

Following we have the most instagrammable location on our list: Coffee Dose. The major appeal behind this coffee shop is its marketing. Each cup of coffee is kept in an adorable cup with catchy phrases printed across it. Also, its location is along the beach in Costa Mesa, making a wonderful place to enjoy your cold beverage. The inside is filled with aesthetically pleasing decor just asking to showcased on teenagers’ social media accounts. While it might be cute and yummy coffee, it is the most expensive on our list, but you can not beat a delicious iced-coffee on the beach.

Finally is Tru Bru Organic Coffee. This coffee shop is located in Orange and is definitely popular within Yorba Linda. YLHS students, such as Olivia Yerkes (11), can often be caught drinking their “delicious coffee” at all times of the week. The affordable Tru Bru coffee can be enjoyed in their spacious location. Inside, there is plenty of seating for customers to sit back and relax, but if you are looking for a place to get cute pictures of your beverage, Tru Bru is not necessarily the best place. Nonetheless, I recommend this establishment if you want good coffee for an equally good price. 

Clearly, Orange County truly has some of the best coffee hotspots around. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, Philz Coffee, Coffee Dose, and Tru Bru Organic Coffee all offer their own benefits. For me personally, I can often be caught sipping Philz Coffee, but it is up to you to pick which one is your favorite!