Is Valentine’s Day Just for Couples?


Ashley Payne

This is a picture of two friends taken over two years ago on Valentine’s Day when a group of them had gone to the beach together to celebrate the day and their love for each other.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

February 14th has always been a long debated and discussed topic amongst couples and non-couples alike. The infamous holiday comes and goes every year, yet still no one truly knows it’s origins. And, frankly, not many care. Rather, people simply see it as an excuse to flaunt a dinner with their partner of choice, or complain about their lack thereof, both loudly for the world to hear. 

Yet, some have a different approach to the holiday, as they have always had. Most people see Valentine’s Day as a day for love, which it is, but an undefined love. Some see love between family that should be celebrated, others see it between friends, yet during this day most people forget about such love. By seeing it as another year where couples simply get to show off their relationships, people forget all the other love they do have in their lives which they should be celebrating. 

Love is a broad term, so a day celebrating it should not be confined to just two people romantically involved. The mentality of “single awareness day” is simply unjust to those who are surrounding the people speaking it. Everyone has love in their lives, whether known or not, therefore no one is truly “single” or alone. Valentine’s day should be a day to emphasize that love, not be isolated by it. 

It is a day for love, so show the love you have. Platonic love between friends. Long lasting love between siblings. Unconditional love between parents and children. This day is to highlight such loves, not overshadow them with just romantic love. Polly Bowman (12) states, “I give my friends gifts all the time for Valentine’s Day because it shows them I love them and that they are always loved by someone,” as the day should show. 

Still, no love should be shamed. If a partner would like to go on a date with their romantic partner then so be it. They should be allowed to show that off without backlash from those who may judge them. The same way friends should post with each other how much they love one another. And how families should wish each other a “Happy Valentine’s Day” because they always have. No one should stop or shame anyone for the love they have. 

Give your parents flowers. But your friends bracelets. Engrave a watch for your significant other. Get your sibling their favorite candy. On this day of love, all love should be shown and celebrated equal. None shamed or put down.

This February 14th show the world what and who you love. Just like the day does, celebrate that love. No longer should anyone highlight the idea that they are single. but rather that they are still loved, which deserves to be celebrated. Hence the day dedicated to thanking those who love them, no matter what type of love that is.