An Upcoming Tournament


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The dodgeball tournament will take place next week.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

In the next few weeks, Yorba Linda High School and Canyon High School are going to be competing in their annual volleyball game. This is a big one between the two teams considering they are equally competitive. The Mustangs and Comanches are also rivals considering they both practice down the street from one another.

But before the varsity game happens between these two teams, there is going a big event that is going to happen right before the game. This event is a dodgeball game. The best group of students from our school will be going head to head with the best group of students from Canyon. According to Warren Lee (11), “he said that this event was created to get students pumped up for the upcoming game against Canyon High School.

So, how could one get involved in this fun event? Sign ups will be passed around during lunch next week. There will also be sign ups in the ASB room at break and lunch. Go with friends and create a team to compete for our school after classes are over for the day.

Once a group has signed up starts the fun part, the actual competition. YLHS students will be competing against one another to begin the competition. As the tournament goes on, teams will be eliminated. The last team standing, wins the tournament at our school and will then be competing at Canyon High School on March 12 before the Men’s Volleyball game, which starts at 5:15 PM. The games are going to be going through the week of March forth to March ninth. The games will be held in the gym at lunchtime and will be supervised by Mr. Okamoto.

Before the games start though, students should know some of the basic rules that go along with the game of dodgeball:

  1. The main objective of the game is to get one another out. The last team standing wins. Some ways to get players from the other team out are
    1. If the ball thrown is caught by the other team before it hits the ground.
    2. If a player gets hit by a ball thrown by the other team.
    3. It is okay to block balls with the ball in the player’s hand, but if the ball in the players’ hands is knocked out while blocking an incoming ball they will be out.
    4. If a player hits a player of the opposing team above the shoulders they will be out.
    5. If the player steps on the other team’s side.
  2. A player is not allowed to hold a ball for more than five seconds. Once the five seconds is up, that player needs to roll the ball over to the other team.

Overall, this is such a fun event that ASB is putting on this year. It is a fun way for our school to get involved with other schools around our community. If anyone is interested in joining, go to the ASB room in a few weeks to sign up. May the best team win. Good luck to all our Mustangs! Let’s crush the Comanches!