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    YLHS Olympics Rally 2024 Recap

    The sophomore class full of spirit before performing their class dance. (Isabelle Gregg)

    On March 22, YLHS hosted our annual Olympics Rally, where each class competes against one another to be the overall winner. This year, the theme of the rally was Hunger Games, as demonstrated in the Hunger Games themed decorations, district names for each grade, and many Hunger Games themed games and performances. Although the rally was less than one class period long, the hard work and dedication that went into it took months. I feel this year the rally was a huge success. Each class brought so much spirit and enthusiasm, with over 300 students helping make this day possible. 

    First, Hailey Dee (12) started the rally off with a beautiful singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. Directly afterward, the rally continued with performances from Varsity Song, Dance Co, and Varsity Cheer. Each program had amazing numbers that brought the theme to life. The Unified program also got involved, playing a game of corn hole, as the stands of staff and students cheered them on. An MC from each district (Tatum Steward (12), Mylie Brown (11), Chelsey Mei (10) and Audrey Yang (9)) helped keep the rally on track, narrating the many different games, performances, and activities. 

    The main competition was divided into four parts: decorations, dance, game, and spirit. Each grade dedicated all of Thursday night to perfecting the decorations for their corner of the gym. The seniors’ side was decked out in black balloons and posters, while the juniors area was covered with blue, the sophomores’ section was filled with red flames, and freshmen’s corner was themed white. Each class also choreographed and performed a dance, while covered head to toe in their designated colors. Regina Rodriquez (10) says her favorite part of the Olympics Rally was “having fun with all her friends, and spending quality time with her sophomore class.”

    having fun with all of her friends, and spending quality time with her sophomore class

    — Regina Rodriguez

    For the game, 3 competitors from each class were chosen to play. There were 4 balloons with each respective color (black, blue, red, and white) placed in the middle of the gym, and the competitors had to take turns running to grab the balloons. Once with the balloons, they had to somehow pop them by running towards one another and chest-bumping them. The grade with all balloons popped first won, and those with balloons popped last came in last place. Lastly, for the spirit competition each class screamed a chant as loud as possible, getting their entire student section to stand up and cheer with them. 

    The junior section of the quad decked out in blue posters, balloons, and decor. (Mylie Brown)

    As the Hunger Games Olympics rally came to an end, the choir helped lead the Alma Mater, and the judges announced the winner of the rally…the Seniors!!! The Olympics rally this year was so exciting and full of Mustang spirit. Throughout performing, playing games, and cheering, each class was able to bond and grow even closer together in this rally. I had the best time being involved in the Olympics, and can’t wait to do it again next year! 


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    Isabelle Gregg
    Isabelle Gregg, Photojournalist
    Isabelle is a sophomore at Yorba Linda High School. This is her first year in Newspaper and she can’t wait to start writing! On campus, Isabelle stays involved, whether it be through ASB or YLHS’s track team. In her free time, she loves listening to music, reading, going to the beach, and watching new movies. Isabelle’s dream school is UCLA, but she would be happy attending college at almost any university in California! She hopes to work as a therapist/psychologist, or as a business owner in the future. She is so excited to learn and grow in Newspaper and continue making high school memories!
    Mylie Brown
    Mylie Brown, Photojournalist
    Mylie Brown is a junior here at YLHS who is eager to begin her second year as a photojournalist for The Wrangler. She loves keeping herself involved as she is a part of many different activities on campus. Mylie is currently the Junior Class President, and her favorite subjects are English and History. In her free time, you can find her reading, spending time with her friends and family, or listening to music. She is so excited for her final two years at YLHS and hopes to make this the most memorable year yet!

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