Yearbook: Behind the Scenes

Due to the rain, Savannah Pietsch (11) and Riley Pietsch (10) had to cover up the cameras in order to get the perfect shot.

Delaney Pietsch

Due to the rain, Savannah Pietsch (11) and Riley Pietsch (10) had to cover up the cameras in order to get the perfect shot.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

At the end of the year, everyone is always excited for all of the events that go along with the year coming to a close. For seniors, everyone is looking forward to the senior pranks, the week activities before graduation, graduation itself, and grad night. For every other grade, each student is looking forward to the last time they have to hear the bell for that year and all the parties that go along with the last few days of school. Each grade, however, receives one thing in common over the last few weeks of the school year, the yearbook.

Everyone gets excited each year to see themselves in the yearbook. They quickly scurry through each page to see what pages they made it on and their friends made it on. Each student is also always surprised by the new theme that each year brings. For many of the staff members that are apart of yearbook, these reactions are very uplifting. All of their hard work has payed off.

However, what many of these students do not know is all of the hard work that goes into the process. Each staff member spends hours a week taking pictures, writing captions, writing copy, and editing their pages to make sure they are perfect. After the pages goes through the staff members, it is then looked over by the editors. The editors go through the pages with a fine toothed comb, making sure everything is up to par before the final submission. The editors of this years yearbook are Rachel Lassalle (11), Savannah Pietsch (11), Delaney Pietsch (12), Amber Reddish (12), and Megan Teeling (12). According to Rachel, and editors job is never ending because they are “always working on templates and new design ideas to bring to the table.”

Another thing many students do not know about the yearbook is the fact that theme is picked before the beginning of the school year. In fact, the theme is picked before the end of the previous school year. The process of picking a theme is about a two month process. The staff starts off with a few ideas, and over a couple of weeks, narrow it down to one. Then the class goes over what the front cover will look like, the font, templates, and design ideas for the upcoming year. While Riley Pietsch (10) could not say much about the theme, because she did not want to reveal too much, she was able to say that “this year’s theme is something we have not seen in a while.”

All in all, a yearbook staffers work is never over. With the help of everyone in the class and their amazing advisor, Sarah Shay (Staff), the staff is always able to produce a memorable product.