What to Do While Waiting for Admission Decisions

Accepted or Rejected?; photo courtesy of IvyWise Blog

Accepted or Rejected?; photo courtesy of IvyWise Blog

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Patience is not necessarily any teen’s strong suit, and while most of us are glad we have finished up and sent in college apps, there is still that familiar sense of anxiety and apprehension. Given all that is at stake, our fears and insecurities are quite justifiable, as these are the moments that could define us and will be the reward for all our hard work over the last few years.

As nerve wracking as these times are, it’s important to maintain calm and have an optimistic outlook toward the future. Here are some tips to help us maintain our sanity while waiting for admission decisions.


1. Stay Confident

After sending in your application, you might start second guessing the things you included in your application. However, once that application is sent, you can’t make changes, so don’t dwell on these things. Be confident in the application and essays you submitted and know that if you are meant to attend one of these colleges, you will receive an acceptance letter.

2. Don’t Catch Senioritis

Senioritis can be destructive to your college admission. Us seniors might want to take it easy now that we have submitted our college applications, but we can’t! We need to continue doing well in our classes. Don’t let your grades slip as you are waiting for your college admission decisions. Even if you do receive an acceptance letter, a college can always rescind their decision when grades slip.

3. Check Emails

Admission and financial aid offices may need more information before sending out admission decisions or financial aid awards. Make sure to check your mail and email regularly and respond to the colleges promptly.

  1. Enjoy Senior Year

There are only a few more months left of high school! You might have been a busy during the fall to really appreciate all of the fun activities. Take time to participate in activities you were a  too busy for before. Have a little fun during your last few months of high school!