Stampede Above All


Brandon Russell

Above, Ms. Bidelspach’s room is full of fun and new activities that are open to all of campus to help them participate in.

Brandon Russell, Editor in Chief

Here at Ylhs, Room 382 is one in which differentiates from the normalities and social obscurities in which runs through society. Ms. Bidelspach, a long time teacher at Kraemer Middle School, has done something in which has never been done before here on Yorba Linda High school’s campus. That of her special needs class is beginning a newly produced program in which each month, features a new activity and or event to better benefit Yorba Linda High school and that of the community of Yorba Linda as a whole.


From forming their own class newspaper to distribute to classes here at school, to performing trash cleanups to help keep our city clean, that of the students of Ms. Bidelspach’s class are starting a new standard that has never been seen before here at YLHS. For Ms. Bidelspach (Staff), the best part of forming these events and activities is being able to “ unite various individuals and allow everyone to be themselves” in a safe and secure environment. These activities for her serve to “motivate students of all walks of life, to further spread the core values of Ylhs” each and every day on campus.


For example, for the month of December, the class is earning fake dollars and keeping a budget in order to buy present for their families to give to them during the holidays. However, this is not just a class activity, the students in the class here at Ylhs are available during that of 4th period and lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help with vocational jobs such as poster making and cleanups in order for them to earn fake dollars. So if any help is needed here on campus don’t be afraid to contact Ms. Bidelspach to help her kids earn fake dollars during the month of December!!


Although there are many up and coming events that the class is looking forward to, there is one in particular that Ms. Bidelspach and her class are looking forward to the most. For the month of November, the class is collecting cans for their Thanksgiving Drive in order to “help out the beautiful city of Yorba Linda,” and those in need of food for not only Thanksgiving, but for everyday life.

Cole Smith (12) is looking forward to “helping and learning about all the fun upcoming activities that of the class is doing to help our school and community as a whole.” Not only is the class enriching the phenomenal students that are putting the events together, but the students of Ylhs to rise above and promote the “core values that Ylhs values each and every day.”