Quit Wasting Time, Go Green!


sarah lemos

Garbage has become a global problem that can effect the future of civilization.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

Currently, the world faces a growing problem of waste disposal and is desperate to find a solution to prevent it from increasing. Americans create up to 254 million tons of garbage annually; meaning an average person will waste up to seven pounds a day. Our trash affects the world around us and ultimately affects our ability to breathe, drink water and consume food. For the sake of the environment and our health, we need to change the way we live.

3.6 billion metric tons of plastic have become waste this year alone. Even though most companies have made an effort reduce the use of plastic, it’s still a problem and threat to nature.Trillions of microscopic pieces of plastic still float around in the ocean, posing as a false food source or deadly trap for sea creatures. This waste can include six pack rings, these harm sea life by suffocating the victim and shreds of a plastic bag, thought by turtles to be seaweed. The waste in the ocean is mainly coming from China, Indonesia, and Philippines. China has been trying to cut down the plastic use by issuing a ban. This only made certain things worse because of all the plastic that was in stores and factories.

There have been multiple landfills to hold the waste. It will take up to one thousand years to start decomposing. Some of the fruit skins will only take a few weeks to decompose, but orange and bananas will take up to two years to be done. A paper bag takes only one month of that time. Over 450 years, plastic will start to decompose, this makes it one of the longest garbage to decompose next to aluminum cans and foam. Plastic isn’t even the largest waste in America; it’s food.

There are multiple ways to help minimize the waste problem.  Save that leftover dinner and use that as lunch for the next day. Eat that apple instead of those pizza, eating healthier benefits the world. Start to boycott plastic water bottle companies, the materials used aren’t safe for the environment. Also, start to recycle soda cans, water bottles, and paper. Next time, donate old clothes to places like Goodwill or other local thrift stores. Go for the items with less packaging, and don’t restock that fridge until it’s almost empty. Pick those recycled bottles or recharged batteries at the store. Most importantly, get involved in helping stop global waste.