A Culture That Protects Rape

The hit TV show, 13 Reasons Why, touches on many sensitive topics, including rape.

Kalvin Samuelson

The hit TV show, 13 Reasons Why, touches on many sensitive topics, including rape.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Throughout our country’s history many diverse cultures have risen to the surface and came to represent American society. These cultures have come from social media, written texts, social issues and even films or television. Whether they deal with religion, politics or social issues they are all very important to our society. Despite the always rotating issues that seem to exist with in our country’s walls, one culture always remains prominent–rape culture.

Rape culture in America is the idea that men can do whatever they want with women. It is the idea that men do not need permission–they can use women as they please. It is the idea that women are asking for it based on how they are dressed or how they act. It is the idea that rape is ok, yet it is not. Rape is the farthest thing from being ok. Not only does it destroy the girl who has been victimized, but it also destroys our trust in society. As a young women who is soon going to attend college, Zyra Rehman (11) feels that “her biggest fear is to be taken advantage of and raped.” Many young women feel this same fear due to the lack of support and protection provided to women in our society.

On social media rape is often portrayed as something that is cool, as if a guy who rapes a girl is more manly or more attractive. Social media allows easy access to a large audience so if a guy rapes a girl that guy can easily twist the story into “they asked for it” or “they’re a slut.” Contrastingly the girl is often portrayed as a slut. All the blame is placed on the girls saying they asked for it or they wanted it, yet this is not only untrue, but it is flat out uncalled for. No matter what a girl is wearing, or how she is acting, no one wants to be touched unless they ask to be. Sexual interactions take two people, yet if a person decides to force themself upon another person and eliminate their choice to participate it becomes a one person interaction, better known as rape.

Many films and television shows also address the topic of rape culture. In these shows the man is often a big, strong jock, where as the women is often portray as a small, weak, desperate women. On top of these portrayals, the women often are not believed if they report these cases which just further projects the ideas expressed by rape culture. As a society it is very important that we find a way to come together to create an environment that is not only anti-rape, but also one that supports women who have gone through this tragedy. Coming out and announcing that something like this has happened to you is terrifying enough, even more so if you fear that you will not be believed.